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An Australian court will consider the world’s most expensive epistrophy.




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Image for the article because of this;  You should always mark your social media posts properly

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An Australian judge can set a precedent for sloppy punctuation with more than 7 117,000 in legal fees. AUSTRALIA: The Stone of Nations Cool School Marm, once. Dubbed “World’s notorious capital” by a reporter

Many Shops Is Reported The real estate agent, Anthony Zadrovich, is being sued for defaming “employees” instead of “employees” in a Facebook post last year. Zadravic reported 12 hours before deleting it, read the post:

“Oh, Stuart Gunn is selling a multi-million dollar house in Pearl Beach, but he can’t pay his employees an annual salary.” Shame on you, Stuart !!! 2 years and still waiting !!! “

Last week, Judge Judith Gibson reportedly ruled that Zadrovich’s employer, Stuart Gunn, would be allowed to proceed with the case because “employees” could suggest a “systematic practice” of staffing short-changing. He claimed that he was speaking only for himself. Gibson also reportedly said the suit could cost Zadraweek $ 250,000 AUD, or about ڈالر 180,000.

Another Australian court recently lifted the social media defamation policy. Last month, the Australian High Court upheld one. Ruler In favor of a former juvenile prisoner Who sued Media companies have ridiculed commentators for being wrapped in a chair in a detention center. The court found that media companies (or anyone who runs a Facebook page) used the comments of commentators. As a result, some shops and Prime Minister of Tasmania Comments are restricted, and CNN has blocked Australian readers from its Facebook page. Last week, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Said Even platforms like Facebook should be held accountable as publishers and social media should be called the palace of cowards.

Defamation lawyer What a warning This precedent means that without sharing a post, without adding a comment, it can lead to scandal. In 2018, a former mayor of New South Wales – a public figure who had a hard time winning a defamation suit in the United States – was fined 120 120,000 (AUD) by a Facebook commentator (approximately nowadays). 88 88,000 (US انعام) was awarded. And now, perhaps some unfortunate spirit apostrophe is imprisoned.

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