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cult netflix drama money heist The heartwarming Korean is back with a twist. Money Heist: Korea – United Economic Zone, The Korean remake of the Spanish smash hit, opens with the country’s most iconic of esports – none other than global phenomenon BTS.

“Don’t look back, because we found our destiny” – lyrics from the BTS song “DNA” play in the opening scene, in which the show’s Tokyo character dances on the steps of Kim Il-sung University in North Korea. It is part of the intriguing prelude to a perfect storm that will “go down in history as a revolutionary crime.”

The new Netflix K-drama looks at a grand theft in a historical time inside a Korean mint, against the backdrop of a soon-to-be-unified Korean peninsula from the future.

The Spanish series may have left some big shoes to fill, but the spin-off marks its own territory with colorful Korean flair, the show’s biggest weapon being its irresistible mix of characters tinged with local touches.

The robbery team looks inside a Korean mint in a spin-off of the Spanish “Money Heist” series.

The show has a star-studded cast, including Park Hee-soo (Screen Actors Guild Award-nominee who has gained international fame) squid game) Play the role of Berlin in the latest series and Yu Ji-tae (actor of the famous Korean noir action drama) old boy) As the Professor, the mysterious mastermind behind the robbery who communicates with the team from outside the Mint.

Audiences will also recognize Kim Eun-jin (known by) Lost television series as the negotiator and leader of the police task force) and Jeon Jong-seo (from the haunting Korean psychological thriller) On fire-starring the walking deadAs Steven Yeun—Tokyo).

Money Heist: Korea Sounds like a love letter to a Spanish hit, the original work providing the main outline and foundation of the plot. But the devil is in the details, making this remake a standalone piece in itself.

Much of this is seen in the reinterpretation of the iconic Robbery members, who feel like a brother or cousin to their original counterparts, but with a Korean edge, such as their different accents.

The charming “saturi” (which refers to any Korean dialect) heard from Denver (Kim Ji-hoon) and his father Moscow (Lee Won-jong) adds a warm local flavor to both characters, whose endearing relationship Relief, which provides a welcome dose of humor, is seen both between the pair and in their interactions with others.

A heavy North Korean accent adds a more weighted feel to the commanding force, which is team leader Berlin inside Mint, whose dark shadow-like presence will keep spectators on the edge of their seats as other robbery members risk their lives. Huh. Professor’s careful planning.

From dramatic standoffs (between thieves and hostages, as well as between thieves and hostages) and explosive shootouts to near-miss and upped missions, viewers will definitely be in for an enjoyable ride in this dynamic fast-paced series.

Denver Inn &Quot;Money Heist Korea.&Quot;
Denver (Kim Ji-hoon) in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” on Netflix.

But there is a very Korean story at its core that ties it together, an area between North and South Korea that closely resembles the real-life Joint Security Zone of the Korean Peninsula, a part of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). Is. ) also known as Truce Village, where diplomatic talks between North and South Korea take place.

The complex relations and underlying tensions between the two countries are an ongoing theme reflecting the complex past and present reality of the Korean Peninsula.

This motif is spread throughout the series, played out in some intense exchanges between the North and South Korean leaders of the police task force, as well as the hostages, who are essentially pitted against each other, who are fighting against Berlin. are imposed by the “divide and conquer” mentality.

From Now On &Quot;Money Heist Korea&Quot;,
Tokyo (left) and Nairobi (right), the two female characters from the Korean spin-off of “Money Heist” on Netflix.

The polarizing tension is also high between the members of the robbery team, who question each other as well as themselves, throwing them behind the scenes of the robbery in some unexpected dilemmas and situations.

But the fiery female characters steal the show, from the strong but weak interlocutor to the loyal Tokyo, who fiercely defends the Professor’s plan, and the liquid Nairobi, who could be your best friend or your worst nightmare, on this one. Depends where you stand.

If you’ve been craving more since the last curtain call of the original Spanish work, this charming Korean remake will give you your own money heist fixes and more.

Money Heist: Korea – United Economic Zone Now available to stream on Netflix.

From Now On &Quot;Money Heist Korea&Quot;,
Robbery team seen in “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” on Netflix

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