Andersonville On Age With Man Throwing Urine At People Walking His Dogs, And Alderman Says It Has Been For Months – Greeley Tribune

Chicago (CBS) – In a disturbing trend of recent attacks in the Andersonville neighborhood, someone is pissing people’s faces.

Each attack has targeted people walking their dogs.

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Eld. Andre Vasquez (40th) and the victims told CBS 2’s Tara Molina that a man was behind the attacks. On Thursday too, the police were searching for the youth.

Katie Lyons told us she was walking her dog down Ashland Avenue, smiling at the man. Then he saw the cup in his hand and the sight in his eyes.

“The look of anger on his face—and the way his eyes looked,” Leon said. “He had a big cup in his hand, and as he passed by me, he poured its contents into my eyes. And I shouted for help, just because my eyes were burning, and I couldn’t see.” could, and I dropped my phone.

Leon reached home.

“I knew I needed to wash my eyes, and no one came to help,” she said.

Lyons was unsure at first what was thrown at him. She said she didn’t click until she asked first responders.

“They said I smelled like urine,” Leon said.

Lyons is seen by her eye doctor and checked out at the hospital. Thankfully, he’s fine.

But she is not alone.

A woman named Sue said, “He followed me, and then he threw urine at me and took the back of the coat.”

Sue was attacked just last week – while walking her dogs.

She’s still shaking, and feels uncomfortable sharing her full name.

“She’s been dangerous for a long time,” said Sue.

In a bizarre twist, Sue said that the man who attacked her had actually gone to the police station to file a complaint against her – claiming he had let her two dogs loose on her.

“He saw two witnesses and I think he was trying to get ahead of it,” Sue said. “He usually attacks at night.”

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Sue followed up with the police and asked why they weren’t taken into custody.

“The police officer called me back and said, ‘He told us that story, so we let him go,'” Sue said.

Sue said police let the man go without telling him about his attack along with two witnesses who had shared information with him. Police are not commenting on that claim.

“The police are claiming that I am the only one to file a police report – and I know it’s true,” Sue said. “I don’t know why it took them so long to act on it.”

We’ve mapped the three most recent events below as reported by Eld. Vasquez – Ravenswood and Balmoral Avenues, Ashland and Balmoral Avenues, and Ashland and Rasher Avenues.

(credit: CBS 2)

One attack, for which the victim is unknown, took place in Ravenswood and occurred at 8:26 p.m. on Balmoral Avenue. Police said the man threw a cup of urine at Sue while she was walking her dog, and it hit her face. and body. This phenomenon is classified as a simple battery.

Police said a witness first reported the attack on Sue in the 5400 block of North Ashland Avenue at 2 p.m. on December 30. In the incident, a woman was walking two dogs when someone tried to throw an “unknown substance” but missed, police said. The incident has been classified as a simple attack.

Again, these are the most recent events. Eld. Vasquez said he believes the attacks began over the summer, and he is now working directly with Chicago police.

“We have neighbors on the block with watch dogs. We don’t want this to happen to anyone, but God forbid it happens to someone who needs their service animal,” Vasquez said. “We want to make sure this is handled expeditiously and that we will get a resolution soon.”

Vasquez said some of the attacks were not being reported.

“They’re running with some people emailing us,” Vasquez said.

Chicago police said no one was in custody in the attacks.

“My hope is definitely that this guy gets help,” Leon said. “I’ve worked in psychiatry for 30 years, and you know, I definitely think he’s a danger to others.”

Chicago police say that all this is still under investigation.

“We want to make sure the CPD is investigating, but also identify the individual to see if they are willing to accept mental health support,” Vasquez said.

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Alderman is asking any victims of these attacks who have not yet made a formal police report, to help with that investigation.