The Chicago Bulls Center Andre Drummond wanted to return to court for the first time in six games Wednesday against the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Veterans Center missed nearly two weeks due to a left shoulder sprain, describing his mandatory rest days as an uneasy waiting period before being authorized to return to the United Center game.

“Everyone knows I don’t miss too many games in my career,” said Drummond. “Six games in a row is a lot for me. I was very nervous, especially watching at home. “

Drummond returned to training for the first time in nearly two weeks during the shootout, making several four-on-four duels to close the nearly two-hour training session. He entered the game against the Pelicans at the end of the first quarter and finished with two points and five rebounds in bulls defeat 115-111.

Although he still felt uncomfortable, Drummond said he felt confident in his arm as he moved into the game.

“I’m fine,” said Drummond. – I’ll try tonight, see how I feel. Still some cuts and pains, but nothing I can’t tolerate.

The twist took place on October 28 against Spurs in San Antonio. Drummond crashed into Spurs forward Josh Collins in the third quarter, falling to the floor with a violent punch to his left shoulder, and he did not have time to prepare for the strike.

Meanwhile, Drummond tried to get through the pain by convincing coach Billy Donovan to bring him back to the final quarter of the game.

“It’s pure adrenaline,” Drummond said.

The pain came quickly after the adrenaline dropped. At the end of the night, Drummond said he had lost his arm mobility and could not raise his hand above his head or perpendicular to his body. Medical staff restricted the facility to complete immobilization to allow the arm to recover, preventing it from training or traveling to matches.

“It was just still,” Drummond said. “I couldn’t move it. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling. But we have great staff here. They got me back much faster than I expected.

While it didn’t last as long as initially feared, the Bulls felt Drummond’s absence – especially on the offensive glass. The Bulls dropped from an average of 11.7 rebounds on the offensive (11th in the league) to 9.8 (16th) during the recovery in the middle. Drummond averaged 10.2 rebounds per game.

But even without their secondary great man, the Bulls started the season with an enhanced defensive presence. They entered Wednesday with the fifth best defense rating (108.3) in the league in 12 games despite a record of 6-6.

The defensive improvement focuses on the team’s commitment to defense around the edges, limiting the teams to just 11.3 points second chance (third in the league) and 48 points (14) – which should be bolstered by Drummond’s return.

“I wasn’t here last year, but for them it was a big factor – lots of offensive rebounds and lots of blows,” said Drummond. “We took it personally throughout the training camp and now we’re showing it.”


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