Andrew Pern speaks out after the fire in Star in Harm

The owner of a historic pub has thanked the fire service and its staff after the building was reduced to ashes after a fire.

The chef and patron, Andrew Pern, lives in front of the pub and says he was called by a member of staff at around 10.30 because he was not at work.

He said: “The Helmsley fire crew were first on the scene and I want to thank all the firefighters for doing such an amazing job as well as my staff and members of the public.

“The pub is an iconic feature of the entire village and Rydale. It’s been there since the 1300s and some of the straw in the roof is original.

“As a business we will move forward and rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

“I have received so many messages of support from people in the village and beyond.

“It’s a huge blow but we will come back.”

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