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When the Golden State Warriors needed a bucket to stop the 14-2 Boston Celtics in the opening minutes of Game 6 of the NBA Finals, it was Andrew Wiggins who hit the top three. And when the Warriors needed to stop at Jason Tatum, whose superstardom as an almost impenetrable scorer is just scratching the surface, it was Wiggins whose numbers were called.

In fact, almost every time the Warriors needed a play during their final run—an offensive rebound that led to a tip-in bucket, a chase-down block, an isolation basket when the offense was suppressed, a forced Tatum Turnover – Wiggins Must Have Made It.

Stephen Curry Rightly Claims 2022 NBA Finals MVP As Warriors wiped out Celtics in six games on Thursday, but Wiggins doesn’t need a trophy bearing Bill Russell’s name to prove his value on the championship team. Their year-over-year development is a large part of why the Warriors were able to run another championship years after the end of their lineage – as was their decision to vaccinate despite significant personal objection to ingesting a foreign substance. was. Body.

However, the status of vaccination is neither here nor there. It’s only a footnote, perhaps a reminder of what could have happened in Brooklyn had Kiri Irving decided to make the sacrifice Wiggins made for his team.

However, Wiggins’ sacrifice goes far beyond vaccination against COVID-19. The player appearing for the Golden State Warriors isn’t the same player who pointed out the target center in the Minnesota Timberwolves jersey.

“I just do what it takes to win,” he said on the floor of Boston’s TD Garden as the Warriors celebrated their championship. “That’s what they do here at Golden State: They win.”

Every team needs a player like Andrew Wiggins. It’s an interesting sentence because two years ago, this thought would have laughed you out of the building.

Wiggins’ championship season in San Francisco had the second-worst scoring average of his career and the lowest number of shot attempts per game since his rookie season. Yet by all accounts, this has been the best basketball of Wiggins’ career, and it’s not even close. That’s because he bought everything that helps a team win. Someone told Bradley Beal the truth shouting at high school basketball players who think they’re going to be the next level 30-point scorer.

“How can you effect victory?”

As with Wiggins, it was an aggressive rebellion against a Celtics team that beat the Warriors in the size department. It was a defense over Tatum and Luka Doncic in the Western Conference Finals, and whatever offensive threat the Warriors needed to keep them in check. Wiggins tallied three blocks and four steals in Game 6. After Steve Kerr knocked him out for Andre Iguodala in the fourth quarter, Iguodala gave Wiggins three huge high-fives, looked him in the eye and said “What did I tell you?” One might speculate that Iguodala told Wiggins that if she made sacrifices and gave herself to small things to do, a championship would follow.

In some ways, joining the Warriors made Wiggins a rookie once again. He was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, but he was never the No. 1 player on the championship team. On Warriors, Wiggins is not required to lift any offensive loads for extended periods. The Warriors have plenty of weapons – Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole (though he has to decide whether to sign him again) all take the pressure off Wiggins years ago to lift weights for the T-Wolves. had died for

That was then, and this is now, and Wiggins is no longer the same player. He is perfect. He’s doing everything they said he couldn’t do in Minnesota. He is an All-Star starter and an NBA Champion.

Now it’s an extended run with no end in sight: The Warriors have won four NBA titles in the past eight years with a three-year hiatus due to injuries to star players. They will re-sign Wiggins for a long time and develop their other young players – Jonathan Cuminga, James Wiseman, Moses Moody – to make them a deep and versatile contender for next season.

Wiggins proved worthy and worthy of another deal. And he has created a mold for other players like his unique one to follow. Anyone, even a former No. 1 overall pick labeled bust, can redefine himself and his career. It takes the right position, and the Warriors have proven to be just that. But it requires buying and selling and sacrifice. Wiggins did both, and now he’s a champion.


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