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Anguswana, Corfu’s new luxury hotel, is about its crazy pool.

T.The best way to describe Angsana Corfu, the first climb of a Singapore-based banyan tree in Europe, is that it is a hotel built around a pool. And, really, if you’re ever going to build a hotel around a pond, this is it.

The glittering sapphire, the pool that probably covers a quarter of the football field, and the spectators in an arc that disappears into the sea before it forms, a clear day, the blue horizon just from the strait mountains Breaks, occasionally a boat, or another guest wandering around trying to take an epic selfie.

The hotel itself is located on a hill on the east coast of Corfu – a large L-shaped structure of wood, concrete and glass in which the villas reach the shore below the slope. It is also the latest in a series of exciting new hotels. New room with a view..

Corfu is the seventh largest island in Greece and the hotel is about 20 minutes away from the island’s airport, which has direct flights to several major European cities. Corfu is part of the Ionian Islands, located off the coast of northern Greece and Albania in the sea of ​​the same name. It was once the destination of choice for the royal family and celebrities. In fact, just a 40-minute walk from the hotel property (down the hill and up again) is Sisi, the famous palace built by the Emperor of Austria, whose tragic life ended before he was assassinated at the age of 60. ۔ 1898. The palace is called Achilles, and it was a tribute to Achilles, whom Sisi praised for his beauty and power. It is located at the foot of a mountain with a magnificent view of the sea from several rooftops. (This makes for a nice thermos with the exact same sitting quarters of similarly tragic close relatives – Maximilian’s sister-in-law in Trieste and his cousin Ludwig in New Schweinstein). It was later purchased by Caesar Wilhelm II in the 20th century before it changed hands and deteriorated further. Currently in a terrible state, it is worth a quick visit if you need to fix your culture.

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The main building of the hotel has 159 rooms including 330 square feet of rooms facing the hillside, similarly shaped ones facing the sea, medium sized suites facing the sea, four corner suites. Until you feel like you’re swimming out in Bennett Bay. The design in the main hotel rooms is aesthetic, inspired by the hotel group’s Singapore roots (think of dark brown and beige and angular minimalism), while the 36 villas from one to four bedrooms are more aesthetically more traditional. Are Greek , Light-colored stucco, and soft minimalism). The villa also comes with its own pool.

As anyone who goes to Greece in the summer knows, finding a place on the beach can be a daunting task. Angsana has its own private beach club at the base of the hill where you are competing for a chair with only fellow guests. And here’s the second, albeit lesser, version of the hotel’s crazy pool. Most guests want to spend their day at the pool, which means the beach is half empty. (One note about the beach is that the food menu is quite limited شاید perhaps because of the cove-but there are plenty of options within 10 minutes of the nearest town, including a great gyro stand.)

Which leads us to another reason why people can stay in the main pool – it’s surrounded by the hotel’s main restaurants. The Sofreto Hotel has a Greek tourna-style meal open for lunch, while Koh is its Asian Fusion dinner spot (Asian Fusion is a must-have for any resort complex these days, no complaints here!) The highlight of the offerings is a brand new sister restaurant in Athens for a star Michelin location of Etor Boutrini (while the menu changes, if mushrooms are on the macaroni menu, try them despite all your cravings).

In the morning, breakfast is served as a buffet style, but again the star is the pool as the light reflects through it and the waves on the roofs and the flickering and large glass windows that open onto the roof.

If you haven’t realized yet, the hotel complex is huge so it’s not for travelers looking for this strange Greek route. But just because it’s big, it also means a full spa with a view of the ocean and a full gym (the largest on the island) and things like an indoor pool for cold weather. But if you really want to avoid other guests, just go out into the pool and peek outside – you’ll only see the ocean that Lawrence Dorrell once described as “the heartbeat of the world.”

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