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Animaniacs Season 2 hits NYCC 2021 with Thundercats parody.

In an episode of Animaniacs Season 2 clip, the Warner Bros. siblings betrayed the 80's cartoon Thunder Cats.

When Animaniacs Returning to Hulu last year with a brand new season, the final result was something old, but not quite sure. Who was it for?. New episodes are just a month away from release, and a first look at season two won’t change your mind in any way.

The series premiered on the New York Comic Con 2021 panel – featuring voice actors Jess Hornell (Wako), Trace McNeil (dot), Rob Paulson (Yaku), and Morris Lamarche (The Brain). Thundercats.

Cats of the 80’s. Skate is funny enough, if only because Paulson said “Thunder Cats, HOOOOOO!” can do. Amazingly good. Likewise, the song is so charming that most of the time. Animaniacs There are songs, it just feels like a punch line that it’s too late. The Thunder Cats are present in this strange cultural limbo that still exists after the demise of the adulterer. Thundercats Beard! And restart the 2011 mobile phones. If the joke came around Thunder. Or if we were still talking about this movie. May be, More can be emphasized. Either way, Warners and Pinky & Brain will do what they can during the new season of 13 episodes: pop culture quotes, cartoon chaos, and try to capture the world.

In a press release provided to io9, the only confirmed characters returning from last season are the alien Starbucks and Cindy, the human girl who thinks she’s a strange animal. The press release also touches on some “rejected characters” who remain on the floor of the cutting room but does not provide further details. Maybe it brought back some characters from the original show like Sleepy Squirrel? Or do we have to wait for season three for them?

Animaniacs Season two will hit Hulu on November 5.

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