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Anti Mask Alaska Pool Laura Rain Bold Gets Cowed, Proud Of Taking Unproven Med

In Alaska, two Republican senators have tested positive for Code-19 and one is taking advantage of their platform on Facebook to use a cocktail of vitamin and aurmectin as a miracle cure, while public health officials Railing against the recommendations.

“Now it’s my turn to fight Kovid … Game on!” Republican state St. Laura Rainbowld. Wrote on facebook I’ll tell you my prescription when I defeat him on Tuesday night.

Sean David Wilson also tested positive and was managing minor symptoms. The third legislator, Sean, clicked, tested negative in the first test after falling ill, Anchorage Daily News. Reported.

On Tuesday night, Ren Bold complained on Facebook that she was “not completely impressed” with the instructions she was given to take Tylenol after a positive test, alleging that This is a “bad prescription” from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health. . (CDC website They say The patient’s supervising doctor may prescribe ibuprofen to reduce the fever, but the agency does not provide formal treatment guidelines).

She claimed that she was taking matters into her own hands and using a wax steamer to reduce wax, stainer, zinc, aspirin and parasitic drugs ivermectin, which has not been proven to cure covid.

“I am just happy to get Ivirmectin. [sic] “De Cuveder,” she added, promised visitors on social media that she would provide updates from time to time and stay out of the hospital. “Some of them look like scary places these days,” he wrote.

On Wednesday afternoon, he shared a tick-tock video. Appeared An airline pilot is calling the need for vaccinations a violation of “ultimatum” and “freedom”.

Rainbowld has been a staunch opponent of COVID-19 vaccine requirements in Alaska, which has been among the most affected states among the Delta variety additions released in recent weeks.

He backed down. Legislation To prevent businesses and local governments from needing vaccinations, a preferred tactic among GOP legislators who have raised their political profile in violation of public health measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Ren Bold also denied the need for the usual mask.

Last month, she apologized for participating in the floor vote for the rest of the year when she told lawmakers she could not go back and forth in Anchorage because she got into an argument with Alaska Airlines staff when she wore a mask. Refused

In April, Rainbowld was banned from flying on Alaska Airlines indefinitely after federal transport officials repeatedly refused to wear masks as required.

The positive tests in the legislature came after the anchorage assembly leaders last week. One meeting canceled Because Mayor Dave Bronson’s office said the two staff had a positive experience for COVID and came into “really close contact” with the members who attended Thursday’s meeting.

At the meeting, Ren Bold challenged the proposal for a citywide mask ordinance.

Bronson, who is severely insecure, recently apologized for saying that vaccine options should be compared to the Holocaust’s Yellow Star of David. “Actually a credit” To the Jewish people

Masks have been made mandatory in state legislatures, including the capital, although they are not required in private offices.


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