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Antiviral Alan West is taking unproven medications to treat the symptoms of Covid 19: report.

Alan West, a former congressman and current chairman of the Texas Republican Party, announced his plans to suspend all events in person for his personal campaign after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms on Saturday.

According to the Daily Beast, West developed symptoms when his wife, Angela, tested positive for Cowade’s breakthrough case.

The tweet said, “After taking coveed and flow shots, Angela West had a positive experience for coveed yesterday, Friday.”

On Saturday, October 9, a loyal supporter of Trump. He took to Twitter with a series of personal steps to deal with his illness and his virus.

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The non-Congressman former Congressman revealed that he was already taking the hydrochloroquine and ivermectin protocols دو two unproven drugs that are popular with the antiviral crowd. Beast Reports

“Colonel West is suffering from low-grade fever and mild body aches. Due to public health concerns, Colonel West is personally suspending the event until a clear indication is received.”

He added: “The West has publicly stated that it supports individual choice and this is reflected in its own family.”

Over the past several months, West has made headlines for rejecting his COVID ban as he joined protesters outside the residence of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

As a candidate for governor, West has widely opposed the vaccine and mask mandate. Speaking to WBAP in August, West said, “It’s not a moral order if you’re trying to order people to take a shot that you don’t feel comfortable with. This is not a moral command. ”

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