Antonio Brown calls Tom Brady ‘his friend’, rebukes Bruce Arian in podcast appearance


Why does Antonio Brown believe he and Tom Brady are friends? “Because I’m a good soccer player. He needs me to play football.”

Antonio Brown (left) and Tom Brady during a game in Carolina. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Whether you are talking about 2019 or 2021, Tom Brady doesn’t shy away from pushing for the inclusion of Antonio Brown in his football team.

As surprising as it may seem, those who saw Brown his way from the then-Oakland Raiders failed to last two weeks with the Patriots amid allegations of sexual assault or Brady in Brown’s second year with the team. Of stuck with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brown says the reason for supporting Brady is simple.

The ultimate winner in football history simply wants to win, and he believed the Mercurial receiver would help him do so.

Brown went so far as to call Brady a “friend” Friday’s episode of “The Full Send Podcast” In which Brown talks about his turbulent departure from Bux.

“To me, a friend is someone who’s got your back,” Brown said. “Not everyone is going to be your friend in sports. Why is Tom Brady my friend? Because I’m a good football player. He needs me to play football.”

Brown also reportedly claimed that Brady is the actual general manager In Tampa Bay and the receiver’s agent essentially negotiated his contract with Brady: “He’s the middleman and politician.”

The former Patriots great and seven-time Super Bowl champion worked hard for the Browns to join the team despite reluctance from Arian, who had once coached the receiver in Pittsburgh. Brady even said he would “take all the heat” for the Browns signing controversy, according to Lars Anderson’s new book “A Season in the Sun,” which chronicles the 2020-21 Buccaneers.

Arian eventually relented but warned Brown that the team would not tolerate any behavior he displayed in Pittsburgh or Oakland.

The announcement was fulfilled last Sunday when Brown removed his shoulder pads and threw his equipment into the stands before leaving the field as his team was still trying to come back against the New York Jets.

Brown has stated that the team demanded that he play Hurt even though he was not healthy enough to perform, and he refused to do so. Arian claimed that Brown did not want to play because he was not getting enough goals due to injury.

The receiver kept up with his side of the story on the podcast and tore to his former coach.

“Imagine that guy you think has your back, that you flew here on a mission, and they know your position, and you get there and you’re battling him, that Tells you to take the f—k out. There?” Brown said. “I’m an alpha male. If you discriminate against my public image and my name, that’s great for you professionally.”

Of course, Brady hasn’t completely escaped Brown’s wrath as the receiver left the team. is brown Alex went public after Guerrero, Brady’s longtime trainer and TB-12 brand partner, and issued texts showing that he sought a refund after being dissatisfied with Guerrero’s training methods.

Now a free agent, Brown shared his desire to continue playing football.

“It’s my passion. That’s what I do,” Brown said. “Every year is a new beginning, a new year. I still like to get in shape. I still like to compete. I’m just getting started.”