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Apple TV + is reportedly struggling with digital piracy.




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ایپل ٹی وی+ ڈیجیٹل پائریسی پر قابو پانے کے لیے جدوجہد کے عنوان سے مضمون کے لیے تصویرImage: Justin Sullivan / Staff (Getty Images)

Although it’s no secret that Apple executives sit in them. Sierra Blue Consider ivory towers and their gilders as the most profitable company in the world, the company’s streaming arm, Apple TV +, is relatively new and yet to see the same amazing return that the company Other parts of have long enjoyed. Perhaps that is why, according to a recent report, the company is having a hard time coping with the rising levels of online piracy that have grown around its increasingly popular streaming offerings.

Piracy, after all, is a booming business, and a recent report. Digital Citizens Alliance It is suggested that each of the top five Toronto sites currently receive an average of 18 18.33 million in digital advertising revenue and sponsorship.

According to the information compiled. McRomers.Apple TV + Originals is one of the most popular offerings currently populating torrent sites, with more than 2,000 badge files actively available for streaming on major piracy sites. At the top of the spectrum, this number can open up to 125,000 “cedars” – torrent links available for Internet users to open or download themselves. Although download trends on websites vary, Apple TV + titles that are the undisputed king of piracy are currently “The Morning Show”, “SEE” and “Ted Lasso”, the last of which was recently released. Record-breaking seven Emmy Awards. The highest number of nominations for a new comedy in the history of the award show

On popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney +, monitoring the illegal spread of movies and TV shows is common, relying on third-party enforcement partners to flag stolen content. And while Apple has in recent months partnered with digital copyright protection firms Carsark Inc. and OpSec Security to issue DMCA removal orders for stolen content, these efforts are aimed at self-purifying pirated content. There are no similarities.

According to MacRumors, while Corsearch has issued more than 320,000 DMCA orders to Google citing copyright infringement for leApple TV + ‌ content, such requests are actually to reduce the actual hosting of pirated content. I don’t help Indexing flagged sites makes it difficult to find them through standard Google search. In fact, to ensure that the content is automatically removed, companies need to issue the same DMCA orders to the original websites that host the self-pirated content – a process that can quickly be removed. Can be controlled, especially since large piracy sites only act as collectors. Content that has been cleverly hosted elsewhere makes it difficult to trace the origin of the root.

At the end of the day, although MacRooms found that 91.2% of Apple’s applications had been successfully processed, torrent sites were still packing their content offerings with Apple TV + content. Threats

Apple may be the king of profits, but when it comes to tackling the slippery world of pirated content, it turns out it’s just another man. Most of its competitors In the streaming sector

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