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Apple’s biggest MacBook event is October 18.

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Hopefully, you don’t get tired of the gadget season yet, as Apple has just announced another event: Save the October 18 date.

Invitations to “Unleashed” The ceremony was sent to the media this morning., And while Apple’s teaser doesn’t provide much clue about what’s in the image store, rumors have been circulating for months. Apple will announce the newly designed MacBook Pro. M1X chip, upgraded And possibly some new air pods.

ن۔ew is expected to star in the MacBook Pros show. Apple will reportedly remove the envelope. 14- And 16-inch Pro models. Which will bring back Removing the MagSafe charging connector, a built-in SD card reader, a dedicated HDMI port, and Apple’s infamous touch bar. According to Bloomberg, It will represent the first major revival of the MacBook Pro line in five years, and is especially important for the MacBook Pro 16 because it is one of Apple’s few remaining systems that is one of Apple’s internal chips. Instead, Intel still relies on the CPU.

She will also take the chips center stage. Apple is expected to make a new announcement. M1X chip. A 10 core CPU that will offer. Better performance than the standard M1 processor. 13 inches MacBook Pro And MacBook Air. Released last year. This is important Because Apple is usually targeted. Her big MacBook career among creative professionals., And Additional performance will be needed to supply the horsepower people in the sectors that are most in demand.

There’s also a chance we’ll see a newer design and a more powerful version of the Mac mini with an M1X chip and some extra USB ports, which will provide a better middle ground between the base Mac mini and the ultra-expensive Mac Pro desktop. ۔

Rumors too. Suggest that Apple will also show the third generation AirP.Featuring a slightly shorter trunk and a new wireless charging case, it’s unclear. If Apple joins Samsung, Google and others when it comes to bringing active noise cancellation to its cheapest buds – the initial signs point to the number.

However, with “ongoing” announcements. Less than a week away, we definitely won’t have to wait long to find out. Join us on October 18 for all the news of the event.

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