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Aqua Man: King of Atlantis HBO Max Interview: Accepting Fun.

Ecumen sits on his new, restless throne.۔

Aquaman: The King of Atlantis fought Arthur Curry very actively.
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Aquaman: King of Atlantis. Underwater takes a different path than the current incarnation of the legendary hero. Rough and ready to be rude In Arthur’s vein of Jason Momova, King of Atlantis.Cooper Andrews gives us. Rotate lightly.. And for the series makers. Victor Court Wright And Marley Halpern Greiser, that was the key to having some fun with their new series.

io9: Talk to me about where it is in the Aquaman Aquamen tower where people are familiar with other DC and Warner projects.

Marley Halpern Greiser: IIf you watch the episodes, you can see that it’s definitely our own twist on the character, and our own separate sequence. The way we tried to think about it is that we’re doing our own thing on the character, but we’re using the James Vaughan film as a starting point.

Brave and courageous.Aquaman, and Bruce Tim. Justice League Ecoman was both great, but we thought, instead of watching all the decades and decades of comedy or all the other cartoons, let’s create a world where we can assume that the film had a general beat. So, Ekman doubled the Ocean Master, Meera and Wilco helped him become king, he became king tomorrow, and let’s go.

io9: Were there any special things you wanted to take away from the big screen? King of Atlantis.?

Halpern Greiser: So the elements that are from the movie – our Wilco comedy looks a bit like the Wilco movie unlike the Wilco – we remind people of them. We don’t explain them much because we think they are similar to what happened in the movie. Any new elements of Aquaman that we introduce, and the classic Aqua Man villains, we have basically created them from the beginning and try to come up with a brand new idea for these characters and give them this. Introduce them as if you have never heard of them before.

io9: King of Atlantis. There has come a time when DC has really failed to revive the aquaman image to make it cool and a kind of sexual symbol. How would you think of balancing this overall project with the studio on Echoman moving to your own liking for this classic, kind of silly style?

Victor Court Wright: Our Aquaman type hopes to strike a balance between this and some of the more classic Aquaman ideas. I think our story and the world are quite fun and light-hearted, and our equanimity certainly goes a little beyond the seriousness of this film. One of the things that really drew me to the classic story was how fun and weird the world can be sometimes.

But if you take such a more grounded, almost introverted aquaman from the movie world, and you throw it into this kind of extreme and kind of classic Atlantis world, it’s like an entertaining repetition, like How seriously he takes everything and how rude his world is.

Halpern Greiser: It probably wasn’t like we were thinking about it, but I think what happened was one of Aquaman’s big towers, which we took a kind of more modern, serious Aquaman and Put in more silver. The age-type world, and these ideas away from each other.

io9: I want to shift to mine for a moment as she finds herself going through a brand new level of importance in DC comics, shows and movies. Where is mine

Halpern Greiser: Ours was born in the underwater world. She has been a princess all her life. She is always eager to be the queen of some kingdom, after all, if not all her fellow Atlanteans and rebels. If there’s anything wrong with that, it’s that he’s so comfortable with underwater life, and only fighting sea creatures, and using water options to solve problems, that he’s a little bit. A little perspective is needed.

io9: What about the Silver Edge in particular, which works great for Aquinas? Because I know what you’re saying, this Arthur certainly feels like the movie’s Aqua Man, but he …noAnd yet it all makes sense, somehow.

Halpern Greiser: I just think Ecoman lends himself so much to things that might seem a little silly if you’re insecure about that kind of thing. James Vaughan’s film is great and it takes all ideas very seriously, but it still plays an octopus drum. People are still riding sea horses. They call them sea dragons, I think, but you know. This is a sea horse.

io9: This is a sea horse.

Halpern Greiser: You can take it seriously, and it’s cool, but it wouldn’t feel right if you did without it. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. It also opens up this whole interesting kind of outside world building.

io9: Although the story focuses on casting Arthur in his role as King, it also does a lot of Capital A “Aquaman” World Building which feels that خندق The project that passed. How much, if any, of this project was specially made. King of Atlantis.?

Right of Court: Zero

Halpern Greiser: Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. We don’t know what their plans were, but I hope they make it one day, so I can see it. I think we were already hinting at what was going on there. Aqua Man Films, hints that the team was taking for their next project. Also, hilarious, you know? I have read. خندق Comics, and I think we were all pulling from the same source material with the same jumping off point, and we were injured with some accidental overlap.

io9: You said earlier that I want to make you feel embarrassed about what sometimes happens with Aquin himself, but also the fans talk about the character. What kind of conversation did you have that had to do with the idea of ​​Ecumen’s explicit inclusion?

Halpern Greiser: We take conversations that take place in real life and put them in our story like Aquaman is a little insecure about how people see him and what kind of hero he is or what kind of king people are. ۔ But I think for me, I think people should be confident that these characters are cool and that they can stand on their own. Yes, and you shouldn’t run away from it. You have to embrace it and bow down to it because that’s what they don’t like. Exchange, normal, very strong men.

Aquaman: King of Atlantis. The first of three episodes of HBO Max hit on October 14.

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