Arizona AG says most alleged 2020 dead voters were alive

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Attorney General Mark Branovich said Monday that his investigators found just one dead voter after thoroughly reviewing the findings of a partisan review of the 2020 election, which reportedly contained 282 ballots from someone who in the name of one who had died.

The search for the Republican attorney general, who is running for the US Senate in Tuesday’s primary, further discredits last year’s review. The review was led by an inexperienced firm, Cyber ​​Ninja, and was conducted largely by supporters of Donald Trump, who falsely believe the election was stolen from them.

“Our agents investigated all individuals that Cyber ​​Ninja reported as dead, and many were very surprised to learn that they were allegedly dead,” Branovich wrote in a letter to State Senate President Karen Fan. , who used his summoning power to obtain ballot papers, tables and Hired election data and cyber ninjas to “forensic audit”.

Branovich did not say whether any charges were filed in relation to a substantiated incident, and his spokesman, Ryan Anderson, did not respond to phone calls and text messages. All the others listed by Cyber ​​Ninja as deceased “were found to be current voters,” Branovich wrote.

Along with other reports of dead voters, Branovich’s Election Integrity Unit investigated a combined 409 names and prepared “only a handful of possible cases”.

Branovich confirmed the legitimacy of the election shortly after the victory of President Joe Biden, but later publicized his investigation into allegations of cyber ninjas as he sought Trump’s support for his Senate campaign. Trump eventually issued a scathing statement saying Branovich was not doing enough to advance his claims of fraud and backing businessman Blake Masters.

Federal and state election officials and Trump’s own attorney general have said there is no credible evidence that the election was tainted. The former president’s allegations of fraud were also dismissed by courts, including a Trump-appointed judge.

The Cyber ​​Ninja review looked at data, machines and ballots from Maricopa County, the state’s largest. It produced a report which experts described as riddled with errors, bias and flawed methodology. Still, even with that partisan review came a vote tally that may not have changed the result, finding that Biden won by 360 more votes than the official results.

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