Arizona’s recent ab*rtion ruling is “dangerous” and retracts women in the state “over a hundred years – to a time before Arizona was even a state,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement Saturday morning.

Jean-Pierre’s remarks came the day after a judge lifted the decades of Arizona’s 1901 law enforcement ban that banned almost all ab*rtions. The only exception to this pre-state prohibition is when the mother’s life is at stake.

On Friday, County Supreme Court Justice Pima Kellie Johnson acceded to a motion by state attorney general Mark Brnovic to overturn an order that was introduced following Roe’s landmark 1973 decision against Wade, which legalized ab*rtion nationwide.

Brnovic asked the court to revoke the order from almost 50 years ago in July, shortly after the Supreme Court overturned Roe.

Johnson’s ruling – which takes effect immediately but is expected to be revoked – means ab*rtion clinics may have to close their doors.

It also means that anyone wishing to have an ab*rtion will have to travel outside of the state.

“If this decision is upheld, healthcare providers face a prison sentence of up to five years for fulfilling their duty of care; survivors of rape and incest would be forced to bear the children of their att*ckers; and women with diseases will face serious health risks, “said Jean-Pierre, describing the potential consequences of the ruling as” devastating “and” unacceptable “.

In a statement issued after Friday’s ruling, Brnovich praised the court for “upholding the will of the legislator and ensuring clarity and uniformity on this important issue.”

But Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said the ruling was “against Arizona’s will” and “will cruelly force pregnant women out of their communities to gain access to ab*rtion.”

Jean-Pierre agreed with McGill Johnson on Saturday, saying the “retroactive decision” exemplifies “a disturbing trend nationwide among Republican officials at local and national levels who are worried about depriving women of their rights, including through a senator. [Lindsey] Graham’s Proposed National Abortion Ban.

Graham, a South Carolina Republican earlier this month introduced a bill to Congress banning ab*rtion after 15 weeks of pregnancy nationwide.

On Friday, President Joe Biden mentioned the Graham Bill at a meeting in Washington, saying that the election of two more Senate Democrats would allow him to “make Roe a law of the earth again“And” once again protect women’s right to choose. “

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris “will continue to press Congress to codify Roe to protect women’s access to ab*rtion and health care,” said Jean-Pierre.

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