A U.S. Army veteran who apprehended an active shooter at Club Q in Colorado Springs Saturday night said he didn’t think when he lunged at the man, grabbed his gun and hit the shooter with it – he just reacted.

“I’m just starting to hunt down this guy,” Richard Fierro told media gathered outside his home on Monday night.

Fierro was one of two people who apprehended the gunman within minutes of the man entering the Q Club. The first 911 calls came at 11:57 p.m., and the shooter was subdued before police officers arrived. Police said he was arrested at 12:02.

Fierro was at the club with his wife and daughter to watch a drag show. He said he first dived for cover when a gunman came in and started shooting.

“I smelled cordite, saw a flash, dived in and pushed my friend down,” he said.

But when the shooting paused, he said his combat training had started. He ran to the shooter and grabbed the back of the body armor he was wearing, pulling the heavily built man to the ground.

The man dropped his long gun, which Fierro described as “AR”, and Fierro told a person nearby to move the rifle away from the shooter, which the man did. Colorado Springs police on Monday identified Fierro and Thomas James as the club’s two patrons who apprehend the gunman.

Fierro said the shooter tried to reach for his pistol after losing his long gun, but Fierro grabbed the man’s pistol and hit him with it. James kicked the shooter in the head while Fierro beat the man.

“I hit him; I just hit him,” he said.

He shouted for people to call 911. He cursed the shooter and told the shooter he was going to kill him. When a drag artist ran by, he ordered her to kick the shooter as well.

“She took her high heel and shoved it into his face,” said Fierro.

Fierro’s daughter was injured in the mass shooting and her boyfriend, 22-year-old Raymond Green Vance, was killed. His daughter, who said online that she had broken her knee, watched her father address the media from a wheelchair on the family porch Monday night.

“Raymond was a beautiful man,” said Fierro. “I loved him.”

He said he was broken that he couldn’t do more to save the people who died.

“The guy is still alive and my family is not,” he said, adding that he considered everyone in the club that night to be his family. “I tried. I tried to finish him off.

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