Five months after 61-year-old Jin Yut Lew was brutally beaten, robbed, kidnapped and left to die near Chinatown, Chicago police have announced an arrest in the case.

“The lion is still not doing well,” said Chief of Detectives Brendan Deenihan at a press conference Friday night at police headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Ave. “I need 24 hour care.”

But after “good old-fashioned” police work, Termaine Patterson, 18, was arrested and charged with attempted m*rder, vehicle hijacking and armed robbery, County Police Chief Deenihan i Deering said. Don Jerome, who was also at the press conference.

Three others are still wanted, Deenihan said.

The juvenile was also arrested in connection with the case, but was only charged with possession of a stolen motor vehicle after he was found days after the Lew SUV att*ck, Deenihan said.

Ald. 11-year-old Nicole T. Lee, who spoke briefly at a press conference, said the att*ck was a block from her home.

“We were very pleased when the arrest was made,” said Lee.

On April 7, Lew was found by city street cleaners bleeding from his head on a sidewalk in block 2500 South Princeton Avenue, police said at the time.

According to the Lewa family: “He was repeatedly att*cked by a blunt object in the head and face and was lying on the ground.”

Lew, unidentified at the time, was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition. Two days later, police returned to the hospital because a witness identified Lew whose 2008 Lexus car was stolen.

After his family reported him missing, police were able to use video surveillance of the area and found he was being followed by a vehicle that had been hijacked, Deenihan said.

There were four people in the car, who also fled after the video showed people running near the Lew SUV and then leaving the scene.

Afternoon briefing

Afternoon briefing


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“We realized Lew had been robbed of all his belongings and car,” Deenihan said.

The actual beating was not recorded on video, said Deenihan, who said detectives used license plate readers and tracked both vehicles, eventually finding them and determining where Lew’s credit card was used.

Eventually, video footage captured some of their faces, and based on the vehicle’s location, the Left Police “placed” the att*ckers in the area, Deenihan; He said.

Lewa’s family prayed for his recovery, but he suffered a coma and serious and career-ending brain injuries, his family and police say at the time.

“We pray that he will leave soon,” said Alford Lew, 35, who spoke of his family’s agony on the phone in the waiting room of Stroger Hospital a few days after his father was hospitalized.

As they hoped for his recovery, Alford Lew thought about his father’s hard work as a cook.

“As a father, he provided everything he could to give my brother and me a good education. In the Chinese restaurant community, he was a respected chef who, for over 40 years, gave many new immigrants their first starts and trained them in his kitchen, ”his son said. GoFundMe a party organized by relatives that raised over $ 100,000 on Friday night.

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