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As soon as Trump’s train leaves, the classical narcissists of Congress are upset.

no, G.O.P. Swamp Donald Trump Not going away.

Establishment Republicans were shocked and disappointed. Washington, President Trump There are no plans to go quietly on this good night. Or retirement. Or surrender. Or whatever.

did you see of that Rally in Iowa this weekend? Or earlier in Georgia?

no. Your long, national nightmare is nowhere near.

And the fact is that many of them think that Mr. Trump Perhaps walking away reminds us of how surprisingly they are out of touch with their own voters. Republican Party Has been for decades. That’s why Mr. Trump Hijacked so easily Party In the first place.

Even more worrying is the fact that so many Republicans are inside. Washington It still seems like a possibility They Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly in the last five years. Trump The tsunami that hit them.

It is so clear in fact that even the insane left-wing press can see it.

Trump It could run in 2024, “the New York Times reports.” It’s weird. ”

Mr. Trump Very pleased with all the strange speculations. They The headline was blown up of that Email list.

Ask yourself: Is there another politician in the United States who would do such a thing? Certainly not a Republican. And maybe that’s part of the problem.

A small part.

The rest of their problem is all the problems that Mr. Trump She dragged them and screamed and finally cared.

Illegal immigration. Fair trade policies. End of foreign wars. Fighting our enemies. Smart energy policies

All these issues were found by Mr. Trump Elected in 2016. But they did not go away. In many ways, they are more powerful than ever.

So this is a serious mountain for Republicans – who have ignored these issues for decades – to say now that Mr. Trump These issues may be true, but They There is a kind of incomplete message. Good They Not nearly as “incomplete” as all Bozo. Republican Party Who had ignored these issues for so many years that an orange monster from outside started stealing all their lunches.

I mean, how bad things have to be. Washington As simple as a political slogan, “America First” becomes controversial. Or somehow disgusting? Or “racist?”

Sadly, Republican swamp creatures seem to have learned nothing.

“I think we’re better off when we’re not part of a story

“She’s a classic narcissist.” Washington The politician said.

seriously? Has this anonymous Republican senator ever met a politician? Washington First? Has he ever looked in the mirror?

Meanwhile, the Trump train is running.

As always, sir Trump When most effective They Talking about problems. It Elected people today are more eager than ever to have such a direct discussion on these issues. They Alone at the center of the debate. Washington.

Of course – Mr. Trump To be mr TrumpThey He also talks about the last election and how “rigged” and “stolen”. It evaporates the Republican swamp.

But it proves once again that sir Trump Still willing to talk about what no one should talk about. They. Most like to stick to something that will get you out of Twitter or put you in Facebook jail – that’s why the guy was chosen first and why They More votes than any Republican in history.

Too bad they are so narcissistic that they can’t learn any easy lessons.

Charles Hurt is the opinion editor of the Washington Times.

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