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At least four people have been killed after a small plane crashed at Georgia’s De Calab airport

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ATLANTA – All four people aboard a single-engine plane were killed Friday afternoon when it crashed and burst into flames.

The Cessna 210 crashed about 1:10 a.m. EDT before catching fire, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Cell phone video shows the small plane approaching the runway a few seconds after takeoff.

At least 15 Caleb County firefighters stationed at the airport fled the runway and extinguished the fire relatively quickly.

“We are confirming one death. A few hours later, three more deaths were confirmed,” Daniels said Friday afternoon.

All four people aboard the small plane died in the crash.

According to the FAA, the four were the only passengers on the six-seater plane. Prior to confirming the deaths, Daniels indicated that no survivors had been identified based on the extent of possible damage from the crash and subsequent fire.

“Everyone on board is dead,” he said. Authorities have not released further details about the passengers’ identities.

Several witnesses who had lunch at an airport restaurant told WSB-TV Channel 2 that the plane looked frightened as it crashed to the ground.

The grass around the crash site turned black where a slight slope emerges from the runway. At least five fire and rescue vehicles with two fire engines were on the scene.

Inside the airport, gossip echoed about the passenger terminal crash. One woman recently spoke to acquaintances as they walked toward their cars.

“I’m glad you’re all safe,” he told them.

The Downwind Restaurant, located in the main PDK terminal, was busy with onlookers on the runway.

The county-owned airport is located on more than 700 acres in northeastern Declub, less than 10 miles from downtown Atlanta.

According to its website, PD is the second busiest airport in the state, behind Hartsfield Jackson, with an average of 20,209,000 annual takeoffs and landings over the past three decades.

Eyewitnesses said the plane had just taken off when it crashed and caught fire.

Jacqueline Mills was touring the playground near PDK Tower with her daughter and 2-year-old grandson. He arrived at the park after the accident and learned about it only when he saw fire trucks and other emergency vehicles speeding towards the site.

“I’m very worried,” he said. It was a shock. This is very disturbing. ”

It reflected an unusual scene: a busy playground with several families and children playing with television cameras, pointing to an accident just a few hundred yards away.

“It’s just life,” Miles said.

The FAA said it would issue the aircraft’s tail number once verified and the National Transportation Safety Board would be in charge of the investigation.

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