At least six people were injured in a school shootout in Northern California, according to Oakland Police Captain Casey Johnson.

Oakland Police said they began investigating reports of the shooting around 1:45 pm in Block 8200 on Fontaine Street, which has many schools and school-age children. The building where the shooting was made is shared by BayTech Charter School, Rudsdale Newcomer High School, and the Sojourner Truth Independent Study.

City council member Treva Reid told the Associated Press that authorities informed her that the shooting could be linked to “group and gang violence.”

On Twitter, Libby Schaaf, the mayor of Oakland, said the shooting took place at the Sojourner Truth School, but all the victims were adults.

“Today’s gun violence at Sojourner Truth is shocking the soul – our schools are sanctuaries for our children,” wrote Schaaf, adding that “the school is now clean + all children are reunited with their families.”

According to a Highland Hospital spokesman, three patients remain critically ill with gunshot wounds. The remaining three victims were transferred to the Eden Medical Center.

Police secure a site at the University of Oikos after a shootout that killed many people on April 2, 2012 in Oakland, California. Oakland Police confirmed that at least six people were injured in the school shootings on Wednesday.
Jed Jacobsohn / Stringer

On Wednesday afternoon, Oakland’s United School District reported that there were no students at the shooting site.

“There was an incident today at the King Estate campus on Fontaine Street, which houses the co-located Rudsdale Continuation and Newcomer high schools, BayTech Charter School, and the Sojourner Truth independent study site, where there are no students,” the district said in a statement.

“The campus is close to the Oakland Academy of Knowledge (OAK), but it’s important to remember that the incident was NOT at OAK, nor had anything to do with this elementary school,” he added. “We currently have no information beyond what the Oakland Police are reporting.”

A spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Lt. Ray Kelly, said that while the incident was no longer active, the number of injured “could go up or down.”

Speaking to ABC7 News, Kelly said: “If I were a bettor, I would say it was probably a targeted event.”

The shooting took place just a day after Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong planned to increase the presence of officers in areas with concentrated gun violence. The city has seen nine people shot and killed in the past nine days, and this year a total of 93 homicides.

Speaking to Chronicle of St. FrancisAntonio Ramirez, an adviser at Bay Tech, said the response to Wednesday’s shooting was “mixed.”

“I think that just says where our kids are coming from,” said Ramirez. “Many of them come from areas where photography is part of their daily lives. Some were shocked. And for some it was another day. “

Newsweek contacted BayTech, Rudsdale, and Sojourner Truth for comment.

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