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Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, Joe Biden who brought star power to Terry McAuliffe in big name dams

High-profile Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, are arriving in Virginia in an 11-hour bid Terry McAuliffe. In the neck and neck race for governor

Mr. McAuliffe, Which has led in the majority election against the GOP nominee. Glenn Yingkin For months, in the two weeks before election day, it will take to the stage with several big names.

“of the Terry To win TheyVirginia will need to build the largest lower-level military in the history of politics. They. Yes, but They We need help.

Despite Star Power, some experts suggest that last-minute increases could be a sign of trouble if compared to past election cycles.

J. Melles Coleman of the University of Virginia Center for Politics cited Mr. Obama’s 2009 campaign for former New Jersey Gov. John Curzon, who eventually lost to Republican Chris Christie.

“They will not bring out heavy hitters unless they need to,” Mr Coleman said. “I’ve seen a lot of struggling campaigns go that route.”

Mr. McAuliffe, Who served as governor from 2014 to 2018, will appear in Henrique County on Friday night with First Lady Jill Biden, less than a week before Mr. Obama’s rally in Richmond. ۔

Democrats will also campaign with Ms. Abrams and Atlanta Mayor Kesha Lance Bottoms, and will participate in a fundraiser with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“There will be a lot of excitement,” Mr said. McAuliffe Said on MSNBC after the announcement of the lineup. “The stakes are huge. People don’t understand. They come out in presidential years, but they have to come out in this off-year.

Of McAuliffe The campaign features a series of fundraising emails signed by various high-profile Democrats. of that By

Among those who have called the campaign in their emails are Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Tim Cain of Virginia, Democratic consultant James Carwell and singer-songwriter Carol King.

Mr. McAuliffe He also said that President Biden would come out for him again before election day, although the White House has not confirmed such an incident.

The president campaigned for Mr. First. McAuliffe In Arlington in July, just outside Washington DC.

The Yangkin campaign responded to the next appearance by suggesting that his opponent was afraid of losing in the home stretch.

Terry McAuliffe. Frightened because the Virginians are rejecting the 40-year-old politician outright. Terry McAuliffe.Plans to defame the police, to deprive parents of their rights, to establish opinion in their children’s education, and to dismiss those who do not follow of that The dictatorial vaccine order, “he said. ینگکن۔ Campaign spokesman Macaulay Porter

“So the answer is to bring in as many politicians as possible to help draw a crowd of more than 12 people,” he said.

Ms. Porter added that her candidate is an outsider who is focused on serving the people of Virginia and making the state the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Surveys show that the race with Mr. is tough. ینگکن۔ Not prominent in some of the polls that have come out in the last month, although not prominent.

In a CBS News / YouTube survey on October 4-11, Mr. McAuliffe With 50% support compared to Mr. ینگکن۔47%

The poll surveyed 1,040 potential voters and had an error margin of 4.1 percentage points, higher than Mr. McAuliffeThe 3-point edge of the pool is making a statistical tie.

Mr. ینگکن۔ Mr. has also been in a criminal mood over the past month. McAuliffeComments on parental input on education.

Mr. McAuliffe “I don’t think parents should tell schools what they should teach,” he said in a discussion. ینگکن۔ Included in many campaign ads.

Some analysts have also suggested that the ongoing battle over two major spending bills on Capitol Hill could play a role in the governor’s race if Mr Biden and Democrats fail to deliver on their promises on expanded social programs and infrastructure. ۔

Mr. Coleman added that last-minute stumping could be a luxurious Republican, not because of former President Donald Trump’s unpopularity in Virginia.

But sir’s move McAuliffe May indicate some level of uneasiness in a more extensive campaign.

Mr Coleman said: “They’re going to make all the stops anyway, but with the referendum, it looks like they might have to.”

Premature voting continues. Election day is November 2.

Of McAuliffe The campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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