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Batting Dodgers on the right-handed bats of the SF Giants to defeat Urea.

San Francisco-Julio Urias was the winner of only 20 games in the majors and was prepared to face the Giants with complete ease between starts after leading the Dodgers to victory in Game 2.

However, Orias will not start all 5 games against the Giants at Oracle Park on Thursday. The Dodgers will send a deli blanket instead. As expected on the mound as the “opener”, Urias will throw several innings in Thursday’s game.

The announcement came seven hours before the first pitch and the Giants tried to adjust to a lineup that was full of the best right-handed batsmen.

“Trying to predict – and it’s probably for both sides – trying to figure out exactly how the game is going, I don’t think anyone will be able to do that. “The Giants’ manager, Gabby Kepler, said. “There are a lot of variables to consider, a lot of things that can be read from the first script.”

Roberts said the decision to use an opener in front of Urias was made by the organization’s “tip top” and is thanks to the flexibility of the left-handed player, who has given almost exclusive relief before 2021.

Roberts said, “I think the first look is to say it’s a bit on Julio, which is actually my compliment that he’s able to adjust it, and allow the other guys to have the best chance of going out as well.” Gives.” So I swear – so we took him out and he fully understood the thinking behind it.

The Giants have to prepare for various possibilities, including Knebel multiple innings, other right-handed savers such as Brisder Gretrol or Joe Kelly, Knebel or Urías after entering the game with the second inning.

Kepler said Roberts informed him of the text’s decision Wednesday evening, so the giants had 24 hours to consider their lineup. The Giants didn’t deviate too much from their original plan, but there are some minor adjustments to the team’s expected line-up when Urias was expected to start.

The Giants’ lineup was announced within 90 minutes of the first pitch.

  1. Tommy La Stella, 2b.
  2. Darren Rove, L.F.
  3. Buster Posey, c.
  4. Brendan Crawford, S.S.
  5. Chris Bryant, C.F.
  6. Mike Esther Zemsky, RF.
  7. Wilmer Flores, 1b.
  8. Avon Langoria, 3b.
  9. Logan Webb, RHP.

Giant against Uranus.

With Urias expected to return to the field at some point in Thursday’s game, the Giants have several important right-handed batsmen, including Darren Rove and Wilmer Flores.

Austin Slater and Donovan Solano, the two right-handers who dropped Urias in the regular season, are not in the starting lineup as both will be available from the bench and can enter as soon as the Dodgers call Arias. Tommy La Stella, who is 8-3 with two walks in the series, will take the lead off the bat and start from the second base despite the left Achilles’ pain, which is limited to defense.

Roof, who is 0 to 7 with four strikeouts in the series, is also back in lineup as Roof will play left field in Game 5.

“He’s not had much success in the series yet, and it’s been a while since he’s been performing at his best,” Kepler said of Roof. “But what I’m going to say is that the batting quality has been consistently good and he’s just got some dirty, dirty things.”

The biggest key for the giants against Uranus is to get a trade deadline with the help of Chris Bryant, who has worked with Buster Posey, who was caught leading the crime during the NLDS. Bryant is 6-13 with a home run, but he went 4 for 0 in Game 2 as he struggled against the Dodgers left.

Regular season head-to-head stats vs. Urías.

Austin Slater: 6 to 17, 2 2B, 1 HR, 5 Ks

Chris Bryant: 4 for 13, 1 HR, 3 Ks

Buster Pussy: 9 for 18, 3 2B, 1 K.

Darren Roof: 4 for 16, 1 2b, 5kg

Brandon Crawford: 4-for-15, 1 2B, 4 Ks

Wilmer Flores: 4 for 15, 3 kg

Avon Longoria: 4 to 16, 5 km

Donovan Solano: 5 for 20, 1 HR, 4 Ks

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