‘Battlefield 2042’ lags behind ‘Battlefield V’ on Steam charts as player count drops again

Battlefield 2042 It is going through rough patches at the moment, the game is falling like a stone through the Steam charts and its concurrent players are dwindling day by day.

EA’s military shooter stumbled right out of the gate when it launched in October 2021 with game-breaking bugs and a chaotic multiplayer experience that sacrificed quality for scale.

One particularly damning indictment of this AAA blockbuster is that its best-received mode is the one that allows you to revisit maps from earlier installments of the franchise, as fans are clearly looking forward to the good old days.

Things have hardly improved much since then, with the game’s sluggish player base (a community that is rapidly shrinking) wondering how EA plans to salvage the situation.

despite the fact that Battlefield 2042 While there is clear room for improvement (even though they focus on solving technical issues), there has been little communication from the development team about their plans for the future.

In fact, there have only been three major updates since its launch.

Suffice it to say, the community isn’t particularly happy with the game’s current state and has been spending a lot of time chronicling its fall from grace. Battlefield 2042 The subreddit isn’t really a place fans go to to discuss their favorite strategies or share exciting gameplay clips, but rather a forum to join in on Schadenfreude.

If you scroll through the top posts, you’ll see people share funny stories about the title’s lackluster performance, complaining about the various matchmaking woes and invisible walls that obstruct your shots, and They even announce that they have completely given up and uninstalled the game.

‘Battlefield 2042’ concurrent player count

Another popular topic among this Reddit community is that they like to track the position of the game in Steam charts and observe its dwindling player numbers.

A highly upvoted post by u/BDFL likens it to a war”Battle field’Spirit”. He argues that fans should express their dissatisfaction by exiting EA. Battlefield 2042 Now and instead of loading the old entries of the series.

The post read: “Go ahead and populate the old games […] Show them that this pile of garbage is not what we want as a player base.”

Whether it is the result of this campaign or the natural loss of interest over time, Battlefield 2042 It’s not going very well. At the time of writing, Steam only recorded 5,122 active players in the game, down from an all-time peak of 100,590.

For an AAA blockbuster that’s only a few months old, that’s an unusually low number and it’s dropping at fairly regular intervals. On December 19, the game had 45,009 concurrent players on Steam, before falling sharply to about 30,000 the next day, and then to just 17,500 on Christmas Day (when such a new release should have concluded).

Of course, these figures are taken from Steam and do not reflect how popular it is. Battlefield 2042 Is on other platforms like PlayStation, Xbox or Origin. Still, that doesn’t bode well, especially considering that Steam is now handing out refunds.

What’s more, chief Battle field Leaker Tom Henderson (who has given accurate reports on the game several times) has claimed that the flagship “Hazard Zone” mode is now so badly populated that EA has stopped tracking its stats internally.

‘Battlefield 2042’ steam chart position

However, perhaps the most telling sign is that 2042 Now surpasses its own predecessor. battlefield v (2018) currently ranked higher on the Steam charts than newer games, claiming 13,651 concurrent players and a 24-hour peak of 18,828 at the time of writing.

even battlefield 1 (2016) is on the verge of taking over, as it managed to attract 4,997 gamers within the final hour (meaning it is just behind 125 players) Battlefield 2042) For reference, the positions of the Steam charts—which show which games are most popular on the platform—are as follows for each title:

As you can see, there is very little in between Battlefield 2042 And battlefield 1 More now, if the former continues its downward trajectory, it may soon be crossed.

The image shows a screenshot from “Battlefield 2042”. The game is rolling down the Steam charts right now and has already overtaken its predecessor, “Battlefield V”.
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