BBC Antiques roadshow expert closed by guest on remarks about brooch

An expert on BBC Antiques Roadshow was thrilled during a recent episode – But soon it was closed.

The expert was delighted after a guest shared with him a very valuable brooch.

NS Item was brought to the show During a recent edition by a guest which is now on BBC iPlayer.

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Susan Rumfitt analyzed the salamander-shaped brooch and asked where the guest found it.

“My grandfather bought it for my grandmother as a wedding gift in 1919,” she replied.

“The engagement ring was obviously not very special. He was a prisoner of war in World War I and was very ill when he came back.

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“I don’t think he had enough money to buy such a nice ring.

“And so he bought her to do makeup on her wedding day [for it], and she always wore it.”

Susan told him: “It’s brilliant. It shines and the Romans associated the salamander with married bliss. So, hopefully, they have married bliss all the time.”

“If it comes up at auction today, you’re looking at a price between £1,200 and £1,500.”

“I won’t sell it,” said the guest to Susan—telling her that it would be handed over to her daughter.

He told how his grandfather had paid £30 for it in 1919.

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