Beer of the Week with Mark Briggs: Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo

Beer connoisseur and pub evangelist, Mark gives us his verdict on the tastiest beers of the past seven days.

Mark’s has been highlighting the values ​​of Britain’s favorite drink for many years. He is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Follow @realaleupnorth on Twitter.

There are a plethora of beers that are deservedly described as iconic beers. The Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo (Strong Ale) is certainly one of them: a beer that boasts distinctive fineness, character and flavor.

This fortified ale at 8 percent is aged for 12 months in the underground cellar of their Tadcaster brewery. A term that involves a combination of aging of wooden casks and conditioning of the bottle.

The beer is dark copper in presentation, with a white malty head that dissipates quickly. The aroma has a hint of dried fruits, malt loaf and caramelized sugar. More dried fruit, (raisins and figs) in taste, with the addition of dark berries, caramel and a subtle leathery note. They are blended to perfection – and create a pleasantly sweet, rich and smooth mouthfeel. It can be described as a Christmas cake in a glass!

There was still more dried fruit, wine heat and some subtle tartness in the lingering, moderately dry finish. A very surprising, flavorful, deeply flavored and complex brewing masterpiece. Wow!

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