President Biden was to denounce Russia’s “naked aggression” in Ukraine in a speech on Wednesday to world leaders at General Meeting of the United Nations.

With the protracted invasion, Biden plans to ruthlessly condemn Russia for violating the principles advocated by the international organization.

“It will offer a firm condemnation of Russia’s unfair war in Ukraine and urge the world to continue to resist the naked aggression we have seen in the past few months,” said Jake Sullivan, White House national security adviser. the announcement of the president’s speech.

Biden’s speech to nearly 150 leaders, gathered mostly in person, for the first time in three years, comes when Russia-controlled regions of eastern and southern Ukraine announced plans to Kremlinsupported by false referenda on joining Russia.

As the Russian invasion force lost its importance, strongman Vladimir Putin tried to forestall Biden’s speech by: announcement of partial mobilization call in 300,000 reservists earlier Wednesday.


Ukraine aside, Biden has no shortage of difficult issues as leaders gather this year.

Europe and the world fear recession triggered by spikes in food and energy prices. Time is running out to revive Iran’s nuclear issue. And relations with China are strained because of the open defense of Taiwan by the United States.

Biden also plans to meet the newly minted British Prime Minister Liz Truss as he is trying to strengthen “special relations” between two close allies.


Global dynamics have changed dramatically since Biden’s speech last year, when he vowed to re-engage the world after ex-President Donald Trump’s mercury rule.

This speech received wide acclaim, but this year the bar is much higher and economic and political problems are causing global tremors

Biden’s visit to the United Nations also coincides with a time when his administration’s efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran seem to be stalled.

Sullivan said no breakthrough in relations with Iran is expected at the General Assembly, but Biden made it clear in his speech that a deal could still be made “if Iran is prepared for seriousness.”

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were to host a leadership party on Wednesday night.

In addition to diplomacy, the president is also involved in internal politics. With the upcoming mid-term elections to Congress, Biden spoke at a National Democratic Committee fundraiser for some 100 participants who raised nearly $ 2 million on Tuesday. He will organize another fundraiser on Thursday before returning to Washington.

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