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Biden will meet with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

President Biden Will meet Pope Francis Beyond the Vatican on October 29. of that Two-day summit with leaders of 20 major economies White house Said on Thursday.

Mr. Biden, Who is Catholic, will talk with Pope about eradicating COVID-19 epidemic, tackling climate crisis and caring for the poor, White house Said in a statement.

First lady Jill Biden Will also attend the meeting with the Deputy.

Mr. Biden Found Francis The first World Family Summit in Philadelphia in 2015. They. He later visited the Vatican in April 2016 to attend the Regenerative Medicine Summit.

A Catholic who attends Mass regularly. Biden The United States has recently come under fire from some Roman Catholic bishops. of that Support abortion rights

The American Conference of Catholic Bishops voted this summer in favor of a new draft guideline on the Eucharist, or Holy Communion, denouncing politicians who support abortion legislation. can go.

Francis, Which will have to approve the new guidelines, remained silent on whether politicians should be denied communism because of their abortion stance.

When asked in September. They Supporting the ban, the pope warned the bishops not to allow questions into politics about getting communion, but reiterated that the abortion was “murder” and that Ukraine could not be given to anyone who belonged to the church. Not “in touch” with, though They Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

after the. They Meet the Pope, Mr. Biden Will attend G20 summit in Rome. They Will push for a global minimum tax of 15%. White house Said.

The President will then travel to Glasgow, Scotland, known as the United Nations Climate Conference COP26. They “Key measures” will be announced to combat climate change.

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