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Biden’s envoy says the United States is ready, but Iran is stuck in nuclear talks.

On Iran’s policy, President Biden’s pointman said Wednesday that the administration has been telling Iran for more than six months that Washington is ready to lift sanctions imposed on Tehran by former President Trump when he Pulled the United States out of the Obama-era nuclear deal. Iranians have agreed to return to a deal that would halt their suspected nuclear programs.

Although the Iranian government has so far rejected the offer, which the administration first made through European intermediaries in April, the State Department’s special envoy to Iran, Robert Male, said Wednesday that it was still in place. He even lamented that the Iranians refused to meet his American counterpart

Mr Male, who spoke during a video call hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on Wednesday, said the administration was “not begging”, but suggested that US officials had a feeling that Iran, which Has recently installed a hard line. The new president is offering a great opportunity for new diplomacy with Washington.

His comments provide a rare window into the administration’s internal thinking that so far it has failed to deliver on one of Mr Biden’s 2020 foreign policy campaign promises – a return to the 2015 nuclear deal that Nuclear activities were imposed on Iran in exchange for a major easing of international economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

“The biggest confidence-building measure was to tell the Iranians that we are ready to lift all the sanctions imposed by the Trump administration that were contrary to the agreement and that we can return to the business that we should be.” Yes, and this is where we are today, and I think that’s the choice Iran has. “Are they ready to go back? Or do they want to choose a different path?

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