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Black Flag: Understanding Trump’s Fresh Threat

It is an old fact that “real bad men” (and bad women) “walk in silence and violence.” This is certainly true for the most effective and efficient of Donald Trump’s allies, chickens, hens and other followers. But this principle does not apply to Donald Trump himself and most of his political career.

On January 6, Trump and his followers were loud, excited and excited. Trump’s rallies and gatherings celebrate the prospect of violence and revenge. – and especially “equalizing” with Trump’s “enemies.”

Former Trump campaign chairman and White House strategist Steve Benn has now threatened to recruit Republican fascist “shock soldiers” with the clear goal of weakening the US government, resulting in a multi-ethnic democracy. If and when Trump and Republicans regain control. Both Congress and the White House

Fox News and other elements of the right-wing disinformation propaganda machine use it on a daily basis. Stockist terrorism and other techniques to radicalize their audience into committing political violence.. To this point, The Democratic Party and the political and news media class in general have been in denial, and the response has been largely inactive..

In a disturbing new development, Trump supporters have begun waving all black American flags, in clear threats to harm or kill their opponents, namely non-white people, “socialist liberals”, Muslims, Vaccinated people and others are considered “enemies”. “Real America.” As Media critic Eric Bohlert As noted recently, the liberal opinion site in Texas is sounding the alarm about the specific meaning of the Living Blue Black Flag and its support for Republican fascists for terrorism and other political violence. That post, “Are your Republican neighbors plotting to assassinate you?”The quality of the long quote:

It didn’t take long to find hundreds of videos of Trump and so-called patriots hanging black American flags. …

Black American flags are flags that mean “no quarters will be given.” They are against the white flag of surrender.

According to Tik Tak and Suraj (British tabloid), the black American flag began in the Civil War and was waved by the Confederates.

This means that they will not surrender, will not take prisoners, and are willing to die for their cause. That means they will hang their enemies.

Who are their enemies? Very conservative. You know, Democrats, Liberals, LGBTQs, BIPOCs, and the vaccinated. …

So, we are the enemy, and they are openly claiming that they want to hang us. … So, why are they doing this?

Quaid vaccination, mostly. He believes that Biden has declared a civil war against him to vaccinate more than 100 employees and military employers.

Yes, they say civil war, and they say it has already begun. But, unfortunately, many of them also live in states where masks and vaccines are needed by state governments, healthcare and law enforcement.

An alarming number of military members are talking about how they are being discharged because they refuse the vaccine. This is worrying because perhaps an equal number of boys there are talking about civil war plans and actively using tick-tock to recruit these soldiers and ex-servicemen.

The biggest message they are sending is “it’s time” or “it’s time now.” …

Although showing guns on ticks is considered against community guidelines, they show many videos of their guns, shoot them, wear them or sit on their beds.

They primarily use tic tac toe as a recruitment tool and let others know they are willing to commit violence. Then they tell people to text them or where to find them on the telegram.

However, you interpret these videos posted by Trump followers and other neo-fascists – which can be basically formative. It is clearly true that the American right is increasingly willing to accept or tolerate violence in order to expand and protect its social and political power.. (Salon has not received licensed news images of these flags, and has made an editorial decision not to reproduce the images, which are easy to find on social media.)

Opinion polls and other polls have repeatedly shown that millions of Republican voters and Trump supporters will support the use of force to remove Biden from office because of a “big lie” and believe he is a Not a legitimate president. Similarly, a large section of Republicans believe that the rioters who stormed the capital on January 6 were “patriots” whose use of violence was justified.

And a new survey from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics even suggests it. More than 50 percent of Trump supporters want the “red states” to break away from the union.. Republican elected officials and other right-wing leaders have continued to increase the risk of political violence against Democrats and other targeted groups.

In a recent speech at the North Carolina Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Salt and Light” conference, rapper Madison Couthorn, RNC, issued what sounds like a declaration of war:

Now is the time for the American Christian Church to step out of the shadows and say, “We will no longer allow our culture to be shaped by people who hate what we believe in. Incredible heredity.” Truths that precede any version of government. Because, my friend, if we lose this country today, if we kneel before democrats today, our country will be lost forever, our children. We will never know what freedom is. The responsibility to stand up, let’s unite as men and women of faith to fight for our country.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joey Reid, terrorism and national security expert Malcolm Nance said Kauthorn’s video “raises issues that don’t just come from the level of Steve Benn and Donald Trump. , They’re coming from Republican street – and they’re armed Republican street they’re angry they’ve been fed a whole line which makes them believe that America is no longer America They no longer want the United States to have the remaining 60 percent of us in the country and they are ready to take up arms.

Nance also noted that Kauthorn’s propaganda video is thematically used by Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda to radicalize and recruit members.

In an interview with Scientific American Magazine, Dr. Bandy Lee, Principal Editor of “Donald Trump’s Dangerous Case” Best Seller of 2017, explained How can a mentally pathological leader “influence” his followers and perhaps the whole nation:

I have outlined two major emotional drives: narcissistic symbiosis and shared psychology. Narcissistic symbiosis refers to developmental wounds that make leader-follower relationships magnetically attractive. The leader, hungry for respect, projects great strength to compensate for the internal lack of self-worth جبکہ while followers become needy due to social pressure or developmental injury, yearning for parental personality. When such injured people are given positions of power, they give birth to a similar pathology in the population that forms a “lock and key” relationship.

“Common Psychology” – also called “Foley à Millions” [“madness for millions”] When it occurs nationally or “motivated” – refers to a severe symptomatic infectious disease that transcends the general group psyche. When a highly symptomatic person is placed in an influential position, that person’s symptoms can spread through the population through emotional attachments, exacerbate existing pathologies, and encourage deception, paralysis, and violence – even before Even in healthy people. The cure is to remove the exposure.

Trump and his administration have allowed and encouraged their followers and other supporters to engage. Anti-social and other anti-human behavior at the national level. Once that process begins, and those forces are gone, it’s not easy to stop. Fascism is not a simple machine with an on and off switch. In practice, fascism is given life and takes on a physical form through its followers, each with a possible career in pathology.

As Hussain Abish warned. In a recent Atlantic article, “Cancer of Political Violence is not a Native American disease. At the moment, it is a Republican disease. No one but the Republicans can cure it. Unless they do, the truth is.” Violence is terribly familiar from a Middle East perspective. “

Fascism is a very dangerous social disease that usually destroys the host body – but not before it spreads to other people. In fact, if the original host dies, he can be considered a martyr for the “cause”, which works to impress existing followers and attract new ones.

After all, like Donald Trump, other fascist and dictatorial leaders. A sign of a sick society. Trumpism is not really a disease. A long-term cultural and moral reckoning will be needed for the United States to combat the deep-rooted disease that has made Trumpism possible. Anything less, and the disease of American fascism will remain dormant until it is revived – perhaps in a more dangerous and dangerous form.

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