The black mamby snake killed the wife, daughter and nephew of a Zimbabwean man in one att*ck.

A man named Tapiwa Musiiwa from Hurungwe District, according to a local report, says he and his family have still come to terms with the tragedy.

Black mamba is widespread in sub-Saharan Africa and is found in several countries across the continent, including Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and many others.

The snake has a terrifying reputation and is referred to as the “deadliest and fastest snake in Africa” ​​by the South African National Institute of Biodiversity (SANBI).

The stock photo shows the black mamba snake – one of the scariest snakes in the world. Black mamba is said to have bitten and killed three members of the same family in Zimbabwe in September 2022.
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Black mamba are known for their extremely potent, neurotoxic venom. The African Snakebite Institute says the venom can kill in three to 16 hours if left untreated.

Black mamba can grow up to 14 feet long, although the average size is about half the size. Snakes inhabit savannas, rocky hills and open forests and like to sleep in empty trees, rock crevices and burrows.

SANBI describes snakes as “nervous animals” that prefer to stay away from humans, but there is still potential for human conflict.

Zimbabwe News Newsday reports that the fatal snake att*ck on members of the Musiiwa family took place while collecting firewood in the village of Murimbika, about 60 km north of Karoi town.

He said his 21-year-old daughter Nyarai was the first to be bitten in the leg. Her mother tried to help her, at which point she was bitten on the chest. Musiiwa’s nephew, Tawanda, 15, was bitten on the ankle while trying to escape.

The locals tried to help the three get access to dr*gs, but it took a while as the mountainous terrain made it difficult to access by car.

Musiiwa’s wife and daughter died on Friday, September 23, at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital, and his nephew died at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital, Newsday reports.

Now Musiiwa is calling for help in transferring their bodies to their family home for rest. “It’s a family tragedy and we still haven’t come to terms with it,” said Newsday.

So far, the funeral director has given the family three coffins, and 80 liters of fuel have been donated by Zimbabwean politician Abel Mbasera Chundu.

It is estimated that in Africa 435,000 to 580,000 snake bites each year require treatment according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which notes that the greatest burden is in countries with the weakest health systems and poor medical resources .

It is unclear how many of these bites can be attributed to the black mamba.

The African Snakebite Institute notes that one article on snake bites in Zululand investigated 879 snake bites over five years, five of which were “most likely black mamba bites”.

At the same time, the institute states that the majority of d*aths from snakebites in South Africa are the result of bites by black mamba and Cape cobra.

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