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Black Panther Laetitia Wright refuses to share anti-vaccine claims.

Letia Wright is working as a shura in the Black Panther, which has set fire to two gantlets the size of a panther.۔

Wright, as she had previously appeared as Princess Shura. Black cheetah.
Image: Marvel Studios.

Earlier this month, And as part of an extensive report on Hollywood’s calculations with the Vaccine Mandate. Safe filming methods In the coveted 19 epidemic, the Hollywood Reporter wrote that a source told him about Marvel. Black leopard Star Laetitia Wright continues to spread anti-vaccine misinformation on the set of her sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda forever.. A week later, Wright stepped on social media to refute the claims.

October 6 The piece alleges that Wright – who had previously deleted his Twitter account. Sharing a deeply relevant video From a self-made prophet in December 2020 – Marvel Studios continued to share anti-vaccination beliefs on the set of Atlanta, Georgia Wakanda forever.. Wright’s character, Princess Shura, is ready for a big role in the film. in light of The tragic death of Chadwick Bosman. Last year, the report added that Wright also parted ways with his US-based public relations team in response to Coved 19’s misinformation sharing.

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.” Wright tweeted earlier. After deleting this link from the video. “My only intention in posting the video was to raise my concerns about what the vaccine is and what we are putting into our bodies.” But after her role went viral in a THR report earlier this month, the actor. Decided to answer now. Veint Denies claims that they continue to share these views. Wakanda forever.Took the set to his still active Instagram account – although before yesterday’s post, his last update was in November 2020, a few weeks before he shared the video elsewhere. He said trade claims were “completely false”.

Wright’s caption reads in part, “I have to pay attention to the reports published by the Hollywood Reporter on October 6, 2021. Shows a piece with a picture. Read the modern English version of the Bible, Isaiah 54:17.“Weapons designed to attack you will not succeed. Words spoken against you will not hurt at all.

Wright added, “Anyone who knows me or works with me knows that I work incredibly hard on my skills and my main focus is always to do something that is inspiring and inspiring. ۔ ” “This has been and will continue to be my only focus.” Marvel Studios itself has been silent on both the initial response to Wright’s tweet as well as recent reporting about him. Black Panther: Wakanda forever. Set conduct (although fellow Marvel co-stars like Don Chadell called the actor. Outside at the moment, I. Similarly deleted tweets.).

io9 has contacted Disney to comment on the allegations and will update this post if we hear it again.

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