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Black trans actor Sunny Reid claims he was cut off from ‘Hamilton’ to demand a gender-neutral dressing room.

A transgender cast member of Hit Musical. Hamilton– who has been widely hailed as a champion of diversity – alleges he was harassed by other actors and eventually removed from production following a request for a gender-neutral dressing room.

Sunny Reid, a black trans performer, made cursed claims in one. Federal Civil Rights Complaint He was allegedly harassed while working in Los Angeles Production

Reid says he has repeatedly been discriminated against by other cast and crew members – including an actor who told him to “pray for gays away” – were deliberately misunderstood, and Physical threats were made in the men’s dressing room.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, he complained to the administration several times, but nothing was done. Eventually, Reid took to social media to talk about his experience with the majority white production team.

Reid’s agent, Michelle Large, also contacted. Hamilton Management and wrote to them that “living one’s life according to one’s gender identity is often important for mental health.” He added, “Sunni strongly feels like coming back to the theater and rehearsing in the same dressing room as in the past where they continue to separate couples according to gender which causes trouble. And that only adds to the potential for other negative consequences for the actor. ”

Reid joined. Hamilton In 2017, as a couple member and moved to the ranks to play different roles. When it came time to discuss renewing his contract around May 2021, Reid requested a gender-neutral dressing room, noting that other costumes were also interested. Was Of Hamilton The team suggested using sheets or curtains to create a gender-neutral space in the men’s dressing room – but Reid said the idea was not appropriate and did not comply. California Eunuch RulesThe complaint states.

Reid later claimed that he had been retaliated against. Hamilton He suspended talks on the agreement, stressing that Reid was posting “disturbing” on social media, which has halted the process of renewing the agreement. As a result, Red was unable to attend rehearsals and performances because his contract had expired.

“Hamilton’s aggressive response to the labeling of the MX. Red as ‘disturbing’ not only perpetuates harmful stereotypes, it betrays the company’s reflex vengeance movement in response to the MX,” the complaint said. That Reid dared to question Hamilton’s social equality and spoke out against abuse based on his race, sexual orientation / LGBTQ + status, gender and gender identity.

A cast member with a private dressing room offered to share his changing area, and eventually, meeting legal requirements, a gender-neutral dressing area was established at the Pentagon Theater in Los Angeles. But Red claims. Hamilton He refused to give up his fight, and eventually terminated his contract and closed the Red.

“Despite the fact that MX-Reid was eager to return to work and performances and was excited to use the new dressing room that had been set up, Hamilton ended his contract negotiations with MX. Kardi. Red and will not bring them back, “the complaint said. “The only explanation is that Mx. Reid was punished for making legally protected complaints and requests from the company.

A Hamilton spokesman denied the allegations, insisting that Reid was “a valuable cast member.”

“We offered them a return agreement. Hamilton In response to their requests. We have not discriminated against Sunnis or retaliated. Since closing, our organization has taken care of our community. The statement said. “We treat Sunni with the same respect and care as all Hamilton company members. In particular, we have directly funded Sunni, paid for his health insurance, and his “We wish the Sunnis all the best for their future endeavors.”

According to Reid’s complaint, he is not the only cast or crew member to complain during his tenure. Hamilton.

A color cast member was reportedly fired from his production after complaining about the hair styling process. He claimed that there were not enough people of color in the diamond team to ensure that their wigs would be of good quality after being used for weekly performances. After he left, Hamilton According to the complaint, it will consider buying more products for textured hair.

the second. Hamilton The cast member, who supported Red’s claims of racial and gender bias, said the musical’s white director criticized the couple for making too many “urban” sounds during the rehearsals. The actor said that the overall production was “without question, a boys’ club rooted in toxic masculinity and antagonism.”

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