Blade fell from 500-foot-tall wind turbine in Gloucester


The Gloucester Fire Department said the wind turbine experienced a “mechanical failure”.

On Sunday morning many Gloucester residents were confused as they awoke to find a nearby wind turbine was missing one of its blades.

The Gloucester Fire Department said in a news release Sunday afternoon that one of three blades had fallen off a wind turbine at Applied Materials on Dory Road in Blackburn Industrial Park. No one got injured.

The turbine is 492 feet tall, and is owned and operated by Applied Materials, the fire department said.

The fire department said the incident was a “mechanical failure” of the turbine, and they responded to a call about the blades falling at around 7 a.m. Sunday.

Applied Materials released a statement Sunday evening.

“Overnight a blade detached from a wind turbine located at the Applied Materials site. Onboard controls responded quickly and put the turbine in safe mode. There were no injuries and little damage to the ground.”

The remaining components of the turbine, including the tower and remaining blades, are intact and safe, and must undergo a complete inspection by the turbine maintenance vendor.

Applied Materials also said that a full investigation into the incident is underway, but it will take some time to complete. It said an incident like this had never happened before with the Gloucester turbines.

The fire department said it is working with Applied Materials to determine any other hazards and ensure safety in the area of ​​the turbine.

Applicable Materials is a global supplier of equipment, services and software for the manufacture of semiconductor chips. It is located in Santa Clara, California, and has a factory at 35 Dory Road, #80 in Gloucester.

Applicable material was not immediately available for comment.

The fire department said more information about the broken turbine would be released soon.

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