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Blame it on Shanahan, not the language for the loss of the Niners from Arizona.

The Trinity is the future of the 49ers. On Sunday, San Francisco needed a rookie quarterback to be present.

He played “enough to win” at the start of his first NFL, with 49-year-old head coach Kill Shanhan.

So if you’re looking for someone to blame for the 49ers’ 17-10 defeat to the Cardinals, their third straight defeat, remember the kid.

In fact, you should look to the head coach.

The 49ers matched the Cardinals 5-0 on Sunday. San Francisco had more offensive yards and kept the ball longer. Both teams made three attempts – Arizona on one low effort. Arizona took another first place in the competition. San Francisco, somehow, the Cardinals had fewer penalty yards than Sunday, and both teams had the same business.

And defensively, the Nanners were also outstanding, holding the best offense in the NFL – 440 yards per game from 5 to 304 per week.

Yes, San Francisco had every reason to win in the desert, even with a rogue quarterback in the game. No. 3 in last spring’s draft was thrown for a total of 192 yards and ran for another 89 on Sunday.

“He was excited. He was confident. Tree gave us a chance to win.

If Lance had picked up another one – if you’re greedy – the game would have been very different. San Francisco had four defeats in the fourth down.

Specifically, it was Shanahan’s play calling on the fourth bottom.

Shannon was predictable and unimaginable on most of his play calls on Sunday – something we’ve seen from him, even when the Nanners have limited ability on the field, is gone. But it was clearly missing on the fourth down calls.

Now, the Shanhan Cardinals deserve credit for moving to fourth – no risk, no reward – but their immovable calls and recycled dramas haven’t fooled Arizona, and the Cardinals aren’t 1985 bears at all.

The One on 11 quarterback sneaked a yard short, the run pass option that was never an option that was a foot smaller, and the piece D resistance بالکل exactly the same drama he ran two weeks ago and in stopping Arizona. There was no problem.

Yes, in the fourth quarter, a yard was needed near midfield and Arizona was selling to stop Lance from secretly selling, the wrong version of Shanehan was that fullback Kyle Jessic came on the field. Go down the center, take a snap, and fall forward.

Only one problem: the Nanners played the same drama against Green Bay two weeks ago. He then worked and it probably met his quota.

Arizona must have smelled the drama. maybe not. He didn’t really care who was carrying the ball, until it went in the middle. The Cardinals stopped Jessic without an accident. Another ups and downs business.

There were a lot of wits in Sunday’s game for the 49ers. Very few people had to do with their first time starter in the quarterback.

Now, Lance was barely defective. He often looked like a swindler on Sundays. Too many passes were reported on the scrimmage line and its elimination needs to be overcome – became an obstacle.

But in both aspects of the game of lance, the positive – the ground and the air – is more than negative.

More importantly, he is an elite athlete playing in a position where this type of talent is becoming essential.

Lance maintained Arizona’s quarterback Keller Murray-League MVP through five games. This is not luck.

Both can cheat in the backfield to enhance the drama. Murray made some more plays and improved his decision-making, but the margins were tight.

And despite gaining just 10 points, the Nanners moved the ball Sunday.

Since Lance has taken over the offense of 49ers, his average is 6.12 yards per play.

The NFL’s worst team, the Lions, averaged 4.84 yards per game with Jimmy Garopolo, excluding Week 1 performance against the Niners.

What is the cost of 1.28 yards per play?

There is a difference between the top 10 offense in the NFL and the third worst in the league.

This difference seems to be worth finding further, even when Garopolo came back from his calf injury. Nanners is hopeful that he will return after this farewell week.

Let’s see if Shana Khan makes the right call there.

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