Bob Saget complains of prolonged COVID symptoms before death – crew member

Bob Saget complained that he was suffering from the effects of “long-term COVID” hours before his sudden death in January.

The beloved comedian, 65, was found dead on January 9 in his room at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando, Florida, after performing stand-up at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Palm Valley the night before.

In February, the star’s family said in a statement that she “died after accidentally hitting something on the back of her head, thinking nothing of it, and falling asleep.”

In recently released audio from an interview with Orange County Police, Rosalie Cosi, who works for staff and talent at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall, shared the details of her conversation with Saget about her final stand-up show. What will happen.

Bob Saget attends the “Untitled: Dave Chappelle Documentary” premiere during the 2021 Tribeca Festival at Radio City Music Hall on June 19, 2021 in New York City. According to a newly-released audio interview with a crew member, Saget complained of experiencing the effects of COVID hours before he passed away in January.
Mike Coppola / Getty Images for the Tribeca Festival

To PeopleCocci said Saget complained of feeling unwell and having hearing problems due to ongoing COVID symptoms.

Cocci said of Saget, who tested positive for COVID weeks before he passed away: “I heard him say, ‘I don’t feel well, but I’m ready to do the show. That’s what I’m for. I do.’ He felt as if he was talking to himself.

“He himself said that … his body was taking a long time to recover [COVID], He said that his hearing had stopped and that was exactly what happened that night. That sound was telling people to turn everything on.”

Cocci, who said Saget’s soundcheck “lasted a while,” said: “He said he got sick the night before, he said he had a sore throat, he was glad he had the lozenges for the stage. Were.”

With a portion of his job procuring refreshments for Saget, Kosei stated that his list was “cut-down in half” on the night of his performance.

“There were drinks all over there. He wanted Red Bull, Diet Coke and regular Coke and that was it,” said Cosey, who said he didn’t see Saget “swallowing” anything during the evening, “even that no water on the stage.”

Kosei told police that Saget “seemed fine” despite his complaints, explaining: “He wasn’t sweating, didn’t miss a beat, didn’t drop anything. He seemed fine. He really did.” And it was so amazing the next day… He turned out to be very energetic, and in half an hour I saw him, he was very much entertaining the crowd.”

newsweek A legal representative of Saget’s family has been contacted for comment.

According to an autopsy on Saget, a PCR test showed symptoms of COVID-19. The star said in early January that he had contracted the virus, but did not specify when. A PCR test can detect COVID weeks after someone has recovered.

In his trademark comedic style, Saget urged his Twitter followers to get a COVID vaccine, writing last August: “Please guys, I don’t want to hype, but please get your vision today. Sorry, autocorrect. -I mean vaccine…help save eyes…sorry, it’s autocorrect! I meant save lives.”

According to an incident report shared last week, an autopsy conducted by chief medical examiner Joshua Stephanie, MD, said Saget’s head injury may have been caused by a “fall on a carpeted floor.”

Stephanie said: “The head of the bed was lightly padded and placed slightly out of the wall. These are listed here as possible mechanisms of injury, but there was nothing in the room that would allow a definitive conclusion.” “

In February, Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, and their daughters, Aubrey, Lara, and Jennifer, sued Orange County Sheriff John Mina and the District Nine Medical Examiner’s office for keeping personal autopsy records confidential.

They also requested that videos, audio recordings, photographs and other material collected during the investigation into Saget’s death be exempted from public solicitation records.

Circuit Court Judge Vincent Chiu granted a permanent injunction, with orlando watchdog Reporting that the authorities took 147 photographs during their investigation, 57 of them would not be protected by any statutory exemptions.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel In Orlando, Florida
The main entrance to the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grand Lakes resort hotel where actor Bob Saget was found dead on January 09, 2022 in Orlando, Florida.
Gerardo Mora / Getty Images

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