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Boeing’s Star Liner will not take the next test flight until 2022.

The photo for Boeing's Starliner title article will not take the next test flight until 2022

Image: Bill Engels / NASA (Getty Images)

NASA and Boeing have finally revealed the next possible date for the company’s test launch without the CST-100. Star Liner spacecraft for the International Space Station: First half of 2022.

Starliner’s next and Battle Flight Test-2 mission has been going on ever since. August., When a technical glitch is involved. 13 oxidizer valves In the spacecraft’s propulsion system Failing to open during the countdown, the space agency and company officials were forced to cancel their plans. Valves are connected to star liner thrusters, which control abortion and orbital functions..

At the time, NASA said the test would follow the launch. Lucy Asteroid Space Probe., Which will go into space on Saturday, October 16.

In the end, it seems Boeing was right. NASA and Boeing will analyze the capabilities. Flight Opportunities next year with the United Launch Alliance, the manufacturer behind the Atlas V rocket that will launch the Star Liner, and Eastern Range., The space force in charge of the East Coast launch.

“NASA, Boeing, United Launch Alliance and Eastern Range are evaluating possible launch windows for OFT-2.” Blog update. “The team is currently working on opportunities for hardware development, rocket manifestos, and space station availability in the first half of 2022.”

NASA said the agency and Boeing officials were continuing to investigate the oxidizer valve case. Boeing has found that T.The most likely cause is an oxidizer and moisture interaction.

“Boeing has successfully demonstrated valve functionality using local heating and electric charging techniques,” NASA explained. “Defects on the pad, in the launch complex, and inside the Starliner production factory at the Kennedy Space Center have resulted in the movement of all but one of the original trapped valves. This valve was deliberately moved. Not done so that the forensic can be saved for direct cause analysis.

Over the next few weeks, Boeing will test the spacecraft and the component that assisted in the valve malfunction to further analyze possible factors.. In addition, it will remove three valves from the spacecraft for further inspection.

The company has identified different ways to move forward, each depending on its own test results, to prevent the problem from recurring. According to a NASA update, these solutions include a minor upgrade to an existing service module to use another module already in production.

Starliner is part of a NASA program that seeks to take astronauts to the ISS. It has just completed a second untested flight, which seems like a bygone era. In 2019, it managed to reach space but did not reach ISS due to a software glitch.

Currently, NASA has only two options available to send astronauts to the ISS, the Russian spacecraft and the SpaceX crew dragon.

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