Bolton roads to be closed for electrical works

Several roads across the city will be affected by electrical works in the next few weeks.

Drivers are being warned that there will be no left turn from Trinity Street to Manchester Road in Bolton town center for approximately 10 days starting Monday.

An alternative route to traffic would be through Thin Street and Orlando Street.

And, for about a week, St. Helena Road, also in Bolton town centre, will be closed from December 13, restricting traffic from traveling along St. Helena Road from Bark Street to Poole Street.

Wearish Lane at Westthoton will close on 10 December, stopping all traffic moving along the road from Shearwater Drive to Hindley Road while work is due to take place.

To ensure that recycling bins are emptied during resurfacing works, council officials are asking residents to present them at the nearest access point so they can be emptied on normal collection days.

Council officials say they apologize for any inconvenience caused to residents and road users by the road closure.

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