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Boris Johnson live: Ministers defend the prime minister’s leave and try to ‘recycle billions’ as sink aid money.

The shadow trade secretary says the government needs a plan to make Bridget work.

Ministers have defended. Boris JohnsonHoliday Marbella As “reasonable”, despite the criticism, the trip came at the wrong time as the government struggles to cope with a deeper energy crisis.

Business Secretary Kosi Quarting. On Sunday, he said he was in “regular WhatsApp contact” with the PM and that his boss deserved a breaker a year later in which he “almost lost his life to Covid.” [and] His mother died. Meanwhile, the Home Minister. Damien Hinds. This morning suggested that there was never a “right time” for Mr. Johnson to be away.

It is up to Mr. Quarting to reassure the country that energy supplies will not be disrupted during the winter. Speaking to Sky News over the weekend, he said: “I believe as much as I can. [that Britain has enough gas] Our job here in the UK is to make sure there are as few disruptions as possible.

The news came amidst anger. رشی سنک۔ In the wake of this, the chancellor is trying to save billions of pounds by “recycling” money from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as aid spending. Campaigners believe he is preparing to use a large portion of the windfall in the external aid budget instead.

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“Always in charge,” the prime minister said when asked about Marbella Tripp.

Kwasi Kwarteng is not alone. Home Office Secretary Damien Hinds has also jumped on the bandwagon in defense of Boris Johnson over his decision to take leave.

Asked by Sky News if it was the right time for the holiday, Mr Hinds replied: “When is the right time? I think it’s important that people have a chance to have some fun with their families.”

He added: “But I do not want to increase the amount of comfort and relaxation you have as the Prime Minister because as I say you are in constant touch, you are constantly briefed and you Remain in charge of the government. “

In fact, what is important for all of us, for the whole country, is that the Prime Minister gets some family time, a little break.

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Sink under fire for ‘recycling billions’

Rishi Sink has been criticized for trying to save billions of pounds in aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Campaigners believe the chancellor is preparing to use a large portion of the windfall instead of spending it on foreign aid.

The move comes after the government decided to cut aid spending from 0.7% to 0.5% of national income this year, a move widely condemned and sparked a revolt by conservative lawmakers. Liam James..

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PM’s leave ‘appropriate’ during energy crisis – Minister

A cabinet minister has said it is appropriate for Boris Johnson to go on vacation as the government struggles with a deeper energy crisis.

Business Secretary Kosi Quarting defended the prime minister’s decision to go to Marbella for a break on Sunday.

Mr Quarting, the minister responsible for the government’s crisis response, said he was in regular contact with the prime minister through WhatsApp.

Our policy correspondent. John Stone The full report is:

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Good morning and welcome FreeStay tuned for UK politics coverage as we bring you the latest updates, while Boris Johnson has been called upon to step down during the UK’s energy crisis.

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