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Boris Johnson makes personal promise to tear up protocol, claims DUP’s Ian Paisley

Boris Johnson Personally promised to “tear”. Northern Ireland Once protocol a Bridget. An agreement has been reached with the European Union, claims DUP senior Ian Paisley Jr.

This is after the comments of the former adviser to the Prime Minister. Dominic Cummings, Who said Downing Street’s plan was always to “dig out the pieces we didn’t like”.

Confirming Cummings’ claim, Paisley Jr. said Johnson had given him assurances before the 2019 general election that any evacuation agreement with the EU would be followed by protocol commitments.

“Boris Johnson told me personally that once he agreed to the protocol, he would sign up to change and tear it down,” the DUP MP told the BBC. News Night.

The union also claimed that the prime minister had referred to the legal commitments made to Northern Ireland to run trade arrangements, the “semantics” of the protocol.

Paisley Jr. added: “I am convinced that the fact of the matter is that the government did not really want this to happen to Northern Ireland and they made a short-term bet.

The problem is that it has cost Northern Ireland business people 8 850 million which we cannot afford so it needs to be fixed and it needs to be fixed.

Johnson never understood the true meaning of his withdrawal agreement with the European Union in January 2020, his former chief adviser said in a series of tweets. “He never had Scooby Doo. What does it mean he signed the contract?” Cummings wrote.

The controversy erupted when the European Union took steps to reduce 80% of checks on goods and dramatically reduce customs clearance between the UK and Northern Ireland.

It follows a series of demands from Brigadier General David Frost, who called on the European Union to agree to fundamental changes to the protocol – and to end the role of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in trade arbitration.

EU Ambassador Joao Valle de Almeida said Brussels had gone “extra mile” and could not move forward after Wednesday’s proposals.

“We went to great lengths to address the problems of Northern Ireland because we care about Northern Ireland,” he said. News Night.

Brussels is said to be “preparing for the worst” after the UK’s offer was not enough. A British source said. Free“Without new governance arrangements, the protocol will never get the support it needs to survive.

Labor Shadow International Trade Secretary Emily Thorneberry called for “a little bit of politics” in the ongoing Brexit talks. “Stop believing, find some realistic answers to these problems,” he told Sky News on Thursday.

Asked about Cummings’ claims about plans to leave the protocol, Thorne Berry said: “I think it’s terrible that people would think about representing our country if they signed an agreement. Because they know they are not implementing it. “

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