The boss was overthrown for telling an employee to disregard the work rule, but then got mad at him for ignoring it.

Published on On the r / MaliciousCompliance Reddit forum, an employee under the anonymous username u / MrSatterday45 shared his story and received over 11,000 votes in favor.

The original poster (OP) started its story by describing what they do.

“I work at a large central facility of a renowned shipping company with major vans delivering packages to homes and smaller businesses,” they said.

Employees use special parcel scanners to help them place parcels on the right car, so they are delivered to the right place. However, trucks also have sensors in case a package is accidentally placed on the wrong truck, the scanner “groans”.

The OP explains that the “main antagonist” of the story was his former boss “Alen”.

Above, the employee is arguing with his supervisor. Posted on Reddit’s r / MaliciousCompliance, the boss was dragged after telling the employee to ignore the work rule, but then got mad at the employee for ignoring the rule.
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“He always walked around the trucks to watch us work, watched us from afar or up close with his arms crossed to speed up the work, he kept telling us to catch all our packages when they came to us, despite the fact they are moving on a moving belt conveyor that they literally loop them back if we miss them, they made us load our larger packages as soon as we got them, even though it makes it difficult for trucks to move around and put other packages on the shelves, and they even jumped into some people’s trucks to carry packages “right” “The way (towards him),” they wrote.

Alen sent messages in a group chat full of employees to share shift start times and share the number of scans for each employee. Alen insists that they should aim for a zero number of misloaded parcels.

The conflict arose when the OP was working on the usual shift at the conveyor belt. Their scanner failed as the devices were sensitive and often had problems. They asked Alena to fix it or if he would buy them a new one. Alen tells them to load the truck without a scanner and use labels on the packages, which is not allowed.

The OP decided to arrange the parcels next to the truck so that they could be scanned after receiving a new scanner. When Alen comes to check on the workers, he orders the OP to stop stacking up and just load them onto the truck. The OP was annoyed but did as they were told to avoid conflict.

Later in the shift, Alen sends a group message to workers with their speed meters, with the OP at the bottom of the list. Alen again insisted that each package be scanned before being placed in the truck. Alen spoke personally to the OP to discuss his mistakes. They were nervous, but were still new to work and refused to argue with their supervisor and made a note to scan each package before loading.

Months later, the OP announced that Alen was leaving his position and was in the process of training his replacement. The OP was grateful he was leaving because they were tired of his “micro-management and harassment.” Redditor explains that his scanner broke again and talks to Alen about putting packages in the truck. The OP decided to stack the packages outside until they got a working scanner.

The OP wrote: “Alen returns with an apprentice by his side. He asks me what I am doing and I say I am stacking the parcels. He tells me again to load the trucks and this time I reply telling him that I don’t load them without a scanner. I have to admit that I was done with Alen at that time and I let my anger take over me, raising my voice and shaking a little as I have a very hard time dealing with my anger, especially after dealing with my sh*t for so long.

“The intern tries to smooth things over and tell me to keep stacking and they’ll get a scanner right away, but he is interrupted by Alen, who tells me to load the trucks again, louder this time. that way he spins back and forth like that for almost half a minute before finally telling him to tell me in writing because i won’t get fired for it. Remember that we shouldn’t load a package without scanning it, and you may actually get into trouble if they prove that we [did] it’s on purpose, the Redditor continued.

Alen asked them if he should go to the chief supervisor to scare the OP. Alen goes higher, but doesn’t come back. The intern returns with a working scanner, apologizes to the OP and tells him to go back to work. The OP said they didn’t see Alen for the rest of his last week.

Newsweek I contactedu / MrSatterday45 for a comment.

How to deal with a toxic boss

Are you in a similar situation to the PO? Do you believe you have a “toxic boss” and don’t know what to do about it? Here are some tips for what to do if you’re having trouble with your boss:

  • Make a decision whether you want to stay or quit.
  • Find friends in your workplace as they may notice the same traits in your boss. However, don’t gossip as it can hurt you in the long run.
  • Stay professional even when you are frustrated.
  • Find a fun hobby you can do outside of work to distract you.
  • Go see a trusted friend, family member, or coworker.
  • If you can’t quit your job, try to learn their leadership style.
  • If nothing changes, talk to Human Resources and keep detailed notes on your boss’s tactics.

Newsweek has published several articles about conflict at work, including stories about a new mom who was commended for bluffing her boss over a demand to return to the office, a woman who excluded her coworker from sharing a group lunch, and how an employee was applauded for insult their manager to the new boss.

Redditor reactions

“I have to love my boss who is willing to go to my boss and report his incompetence. It saves you from the unpleasant task of jumping over the boss. This is the beauty of malicious obedience ”exclaimed u / sheepdog411.

“Seeing things like it happened before, Alen probably went to the chief supervisor to try to get the chief supervisor to his side, only to be reprimanded for wanting you to break company policy,” he told u / VersatileFaerie .

“Alen sounds like a boss who expects you to do your job your way, but gets frustrated when you don’t because he failed to train properly” u / AngryYank2

U / NerdyCD504 commented: “As someone who can work for the same well-known shipping company… damn good for you. God knows I’ve had to deal with tricky scanner problems one too many times. “

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