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Brady defeated ‘Birds’,’ Mike Shanhan vs. Readers honored.

Long story short, here are my NFL picks for Week 6 action that mark the start of the Boys, including the 49ers.

Bikiniers 28, Eagles 14: Tom Brady’s fingerprints – the bad thumb and all – are all on this win, which comes against the last season that beat him in a Super Bowl four seasons ago. Line: Bucs-7

Jaguar 26, Dolphins 24: Jaguar returned to London after Trevor Lawrence’s first victory abroad (no urban mayoralty, the goal). Line: Jaguar +3 1/2.

Ravens 25, Charger 24: Just when the Chargers looked like everyone’s Super Bowl pick, Baltimore won for the fifth time in a row. Line: Charger +3.

Panthers 21, Vikings 20: The last time Minnesota won from home – not counting Detroit, everyone’s home away from home – was November 16 (in Chicago). Line: Panther +1.

Packers 31, Bears 17: The Chicago defense allowed the Rams 34 points in the initial loss, which has some resemblance to the Packers’ offense. Line: Packers-4 1/2.

Bengal 29, Poetry 28: The Lions have not won at home against Bengal in 50 years. Therefore, the Lions have not won a game so far this season. Line: Lion +3 1/2.

Colts 33, Texans 26: Indy won 1-4 AFC Southern rivals and left for Levy Stadium with 49 players for Sunday night’s date. Line: Texan +9 1/2.

Reims 31, Giants 16: Injured giants Rams can’t keep pace with the offense, which is the NFL-best 6.7 yards per play per game with an overall league low of four sacks. Line: Reims-9 1/2.

Chiefs 28, Washington 23: Patrick Mahmoz leads the NFL with 16 touchdown passes. Washington’s weak defense has allowed four touchdown passes for three games. Line: Washington +7.

Browns 23, Cardinals 21: Arizona says goodbye to the NFL’s last unbeaten record, and does so without center-left Rodney Hudson and tight end Max Williams, who were injured in Sunday’s 49ers win. Line: Cardinals +3.

Broncos 27, Raid 26 Following the resignation of John Groden, one of his former coaches, Mike Shanhan, will be honored at half-time on his way to the Broncos Ring of Fame. Line: Raid +3 1/2.

Patriot 23, Shepherd 21: Mc Jones is so careful not to add to the Trevon Diggs’ league high six interceptions. Line: Patriot + 3 1/2.

Steelers 23, Sea Hawks 17: This is Seattle’s first game since 2011 without Russell Wilson to finally take notice of MVP voters. Line: Steelers-5.

Bill 27, Titans 24: Josh Allen improved to 3-0 in “Monday Night Football”, throwing 695 yards with eight touchdowns and no stops in the last two. Line: Titans +5 1/2.

Last week: 10-6 straight up, 6-9-1 against spread.

Season: 45-35 straight up, 36-43-1 against the spread.

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