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Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples January 2022.

Fiona Staples' new saga cover crop of hazel in blue suit, hand in blue suit.۔

Image: Fiona Staples / Image Comics.

This is official: Saga Coming back.

You may remember the pair of creators. Brian’s Van. And Fiona Staples announced that she would take what she called “intermission.” Back in 2018. At the time, Van said, “We plan to stop publishing this series at least next year. It was clearly not a decision we took lightly, but Fiona and I feel it is our responsibility to Keep making your best comedy film, and we both agreed that there was only one way to end this epic story that we had to tell. One important … let’s call it … intervention! “

Van announced his surprise return to New York Comic Con 2021 with co-creator Staples, who joined via video chat. The award-winning sci-fi comic will begin soon. The second half The story that will come to an end. Issue # 55 will be released in January 2022, ending the long hiatus, and properly ending a brand new story arc. And even better, it will be a double-length, 44-page issue, priced at 99 2.99. Take a look at the brand new cover below, which has a huge amount of old memories to cover the first issue of 2012.

The main character of the image comics saga, staring at the viewer.۔

Image: Image comics.

“I don’t think readers and retailers should be patient enough,” Van said in a press release. “I think our next 54 issues will be more surprising, weird and wonderful than the first 54, so we can’t wait to get back on the shelf at your local comedy shop soon.” Staples admitted that he “really missed” communicating with readers, and is excited about Hazel’s return to the world. “The next arc is already going in places I never imagined. I’m so glad we kept doing it.”

If you forgot, and who can blame you, Of saga Last issue Hazel’s father, Marco, was killed in a fight against his will before it was finally revealed. But what happened next? The cover indicates that we have a time-skip, as explained by an old Hazel and Allana. But who is driving the ax with them? We will have to wait until we get closer to the return of the book, which promises a press release of “the most epic chapter ever.”

Saga # 55 will be released on January 26, 2022.

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