Bride’s friend’s support for refusing to change her dress at brother’s wedding

A woman has found support online For a social media post describing an unpleasant situation at her brother’s wedding “was so devastating it’s being talked about a month later.”

In the post, she describes how, despite disliking to dress “due to personal issues”, she agreed to wear one to her brother’s wedding that the bride, Jess, had helped her choose for style and comfort. .

“It was a dark green dress with black lace and spaghetti straps. Jess said I could wear Doctor Martins and put my piercings in (I only liked 5)). All dolls looking at myself For the first time ever. Really liked my presence.”

File photo of a group of bride and groom in pink. How common is the rumor that brides try to sabotage their bridesmaids on their wedding day to make them look better?
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She then explains how at the wedding reception: “My brother comes up to me and tells me I need to change. I ask why. He says Jess is upset that I ‘upstaged’ him.” I was very confused – she chose the dress. I asked what the issue was. Apparently, the dress fit more than Jess’s, and she was feeling insecure about her body.”

Several commenters accused the bride of sabotaging her with one user writing: “NTA. She literally chose the dress for you. Just because you looked better in her than because she thought you didn’t have the right to try her on.” Will give and have you changed.” This comment got over 12,000 likes.

The sister refused to change, saying: “I told my brother he was marrying a model (not that he couldn’t have insecurities) but I’m sure my 5’1 180lb self is next to him.” I look like a ghost. He told me to change or leave.”

Things turn frosty with his brother and his wife a month later, and the wife’s aunt is commenting about the situation online.

By 1880, bridesmaids would dress similar to the bride in a tradition that dates back to ancient Rome, apparently to protect the bride from potential kidnappers or to act as a decoy to confuse evil spirits on the auspicious day. For.

it wasn’t until the end of 19th century that fashion changed to look different from the bride, but similar to one another, as soon as the bride began to take center stage.

Ugly bridesmaids dresses – we all dread the day we might be asked to wear one – bringing to mind images of Rachel’s flamingo pink meringue FriendOr Rebecca Bloomwood’s rainbow skirt Confessions of a Shopaholic, And who can forget the Easter Egg monstrosity worn by Cameron Diaz’s bridesmaids My friend’s marriage, With a dress like this, who can blame a bridesmaid for giving her dress a slight makeover?

In an article for Refinery29, Jessica Wilkins writes: “Not everyone can be trusted to choose clothes that are suitable for a wide variety of women’s groups. Not everyone simply has the vision.

“If you want to know how the bride feels about you, look at the neckline she chooses for your dress. She’s either devoid of a sense of proportion, or it’s her one chance that she’ll give you some such crap. Move back to the third class that you liked.

“Why was I, in the pre-Breast Reduction H Cup, hoping to wear anything that didn’t provide the same structural support as the Eiffel Tower? Why? I’m still trying to figure out what my previous offense was.” What was it?”

‘Definitely a setup’

Some people in the comments believed something was going on with this Reddit user’s experience.

“It’s definitely a repetition of a setup,” argued one user. “Either the OP looked better than the bride thought, or the bride knew it would look great on her and chose it so she had something to fit the wedding.”

Another user agreed it was sabotage: “I think the bride thought the dress would look ridiculous w/ Doc’s and dismissed it as a look that could actually work, someone said That it looked stylish and fit the bride. It feels 100% like a set-up.”

One user was outraged at the bride’s behavior: “This is the second post I read here this week where someone has asked someone to change their clothes at a wedding. Who takes an extra set of clothes for a wedding?? ?Sorry to yell, but geez Louise! It’s madness to stink at someone else’s wearing at your wedding unless someone is seen in a wedding gown or naked.”

A file photo of the bridesmaids’ dresses. By 1880, bridesmaids would have dressed similar to the bride in the tradition of ancient Rome.
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