Brighton & Hove bus hits garden wall in Seaford

Three people were injured when a bus rammed into a garden wall on the way this afternoon. Brighton to Eastbourne.

This accident happened today at 12.45 pm Brighton and Hove 12 bus which was going along the A259 near Beacon Road in Seaford.

Photos of the scene show the bus destroyed along a flint wall in the front garden.

An ambulance could also be seen and the driver and two passengers were treated by paramedics.

Just before 5 pm, the bus was taken by a recovery lorry.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “A bus collided with a wall in Beacon Road at the junction of Howth Way, Seaford at 12.45 pm.

“The driver and two passengers were treated at the scene by paramedics.”

The Brighton and Hove Bus Company has been contacted for comment.

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