Brighton museums hit back at GMB claims of redundancy

The trust that runs the Royal Pavilion has hit back at allegations that it is cutting jobs while paying bonuses to its senior management ahead of Christmas.

The Royal Pavilion and Museum Trust (RPMT) attracted criticism on social media, including from Kemp Town MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, when the GMB union claimed the trust was “to make staff mandatory two days before Christmas”. was ready” and that the “senior management team [are] Ready to receive big bonus payouts”.

The organization strongly denied the claims, with a spokesperson saying that “no bonus will be awarded to senior employees or any employees this year or in the future”, and that the consultation on the restructuring is not due to be completed until January next year – Till then no change will be announced.

In a statement, the RPMT said: “After a year’s review, the organization now plans to build a better museum service with a better structure.

“The plan aims to simplify the workforce structure and cut down on outgoing, while increasing the organization’s income.”

While the trust said that employees have been informed and new positions will be created, it acknowledged that other roles will be removed or replaced and added: “This may result in the loss of some employees but there are ways to reduce it.” Everything will be done.”

This comes after a difficult 18 months for the culture sector due to COVID, with the trust facing a £1.4 million shortfall this year. The restructuring aims to provide £300,000 in savings.

The Trust’s CEO, Hadley Swain, said: “As an independent charity, it is important that our service is outstanding to all who visit and enjoy our buildings, collections and events.

“We are going through a time of organizational change, which will mean some upheaval for some time.

“We will make every effort to avoid inevitable redundancies. We know this will be a difficult time for some of our people, but we will be in full consultation with all of our employees to ensure that the restructuring is for everyone. be transparent.”

Responding to the allegations made by the GMB, Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP said the move to redundancy was “not right”.

On Twitter, he said: “I was skeptical of building trust, but we were assured it would not mean worse working conditions or layoffs. Brighton and Hove The city council should step in and stop it.”

The Royal Pavilion and Museum Trust was created in October last year and established to protect and preserve the places and collections in service, serving visitors from around the world.

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