Brighton residents warned on colonies of pharaoh ants

People living in large buildings in the city have been warned about ant infestations that can “get out of control” and take over your home.

Experts have sounded the alarm over pharaoh ants, which can form large colonies that will divide when threatened, proving a nightmare to get rid of.

Tropical insects will only be found in structures of large center-heated buildings such as high-rise flats, student halls and hospitals.

Specialist products can effectively control insects, which love heat and are often found near boiler rooms or ovens.

Natalie Bunge, technical manager for the British Pest Control Association, said there could be as many as 100,000 ants in the nests.

She said: “Nests of pharaoh ant can vary in size, but they can grow to scale, with research finding nests containing 50,000 workers and 100,000 ants in the young.

“Only five to 10 percent of workers forage for food, so the trail of pharaoh ants under a wall or machine is a small part of the picture.

“Workers may respond to threats by ‘budding’ – sometimes referred to as ‘satellites’ – and will move pupae and young larvae away from the parent colony, allowing ants to spread to a building or premises, and infestation. may grow out of control.”

The organization claimed that professional pest controllers should always be called upon to deal with infestations of pharaoh ants in the form of specialist products and that successful treatment requires careful survey.

Natalie added: “A hormone bait can be used to sterilize queens and prevent larvae from developing, but this system could mean that it could take about four months to control the infestation. .

“Newer, more intensive survey and gel bait products mean that control can be achieved within two or three weeks, but a carefully planned and implemented strategy delivered by a professional pest controller is the key to success.”

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