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British police will not take action against Prince Andrew for abuse.

LONDON (AP) – British police have announced they will take no action against the prince. Andrew After a review by one Jeffrey Epstein. The accuser who makes this claim. They Sexual assault They.

Jeffrey of Virginia. Claims They Was smuggled through Epstein. Having sex with Andrew In London in 2001, when. They He was 17 years old and a minor under US law. They He is suing the prince in a US court.

AndrewThe second son of Queen Elizabeth II denies the allegations. She told the BBC in a 2019 interview that she had never had sex. Geoffrey“It simply came to our notice then.

In August, the London Metropolitan Police began investigating allegations of a late convicted sex offender. Epstein.. “No one is above the law,” police chief Cressida Dick said at the time.

The force said in a statement late Sunday that its “review is over and we are not taking any further action.”

He also said he would not take action on the allegations, previously reported by Channel 4 News. Epstein.Alleged partner, Ghuslin Maxwell, trafficking, preparing and abusing women and girls in the UK

Maxwell, a British social worker, is awaiting trial in an American prison for allegedly recruiting teenage girls. Epstein. To abuse.

The force said it was in contact with other law enforcement agencies leading the investigation. Epstein..

After weeks of legal battles, lawyers Andrew It was acknowledged at the end of last month that the price had been formally offered. GeoffreyCase. The prince has until October 29 to file a response to the claims.

Andrew61, has been removed from public royal duties during the scandal. of that Friendship with convicted children Epstein.Who committed suicide in a federal detention center in New York in August 2019 while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking.

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