Brookline announces vaccination mandate for some settings


Starting Saturday, patrons of affected businesses who are 12 years of age and older are required to show proof of a dose.

Visitors show their vaccine cards before entering the Natural History Museum in New York on Friday, December 17, 2021. Gabby Jones/The New York Times

Following Greeley Tribune’s lead, neighboring Brookline reported a COVID-19 . announced need for vaccination Which becomes effective from January 15. The regulation covers indoor entertainment, entertainment and venues; food service establishments with seating areas; and all commercial indoor gyms and fitness settings.

Announcement, created Tuesday, which requires all patrons age 12 and older to have current proof of at least one dose of the vaccine by January 15. From there, it follows a multi-stage approach similar to Greeley Tribune’s vaccine mandate.

Interim Health Commissioner Pat Maloney said, “By enforcing this regulation, Brookline is doing its part to reduce the continued growth that is dragging our healthcare system to its limits, as vaccination increases the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19.” proves to severely limit the possibility of in a statement.

Patrons age 12 and older must show proof of full vaccination to enter affected businesses, which means one dose of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine or two doses of Pfizer or Moderna.

Starting March 22, the requirement also affects patrons aged 5 to 11. Since Pfizer is the only vaccination approved for that age group, they must show proof of a single dose of that vaccine by March 22. As of May 1, they will be required to prove that they have received both doses of the vaccine.

“This approach helps protect our entire community as we begin the third year of a pandemic that has touched our entire lives,” Maloney said in a statement. “I would like to thank the Public Health Advisory Council and the Selection Board for their leadership on this issue.”

Date Demand
Saturday, January 15 12+ people must show proof of 1 dose of vaccine
Tuesday, February 17 People 12+ must show proof of complete vaccination (2 doses)
Tuesday, March 22 Children 5-11 years of age must show proof of 1 dose of vaccine
Friday, May 1 Children 5-11 years of age must show proof of complete vaccination (2 doses)

Brookline’s mandate does not apply to patrons who enter establishments for a quick, limited purpose such as using the restroom, taking out take-out orders or making necessary repairs. It does not apply to K-12 schools, child care settings, senior centers, community centers, non-commercial municipal functions, and sites that are not open to the public.

The vaccine requirement becomes full effect January 22, and policy violators will be fined $300 per violation.

Visitors to businesses covered by the regulation can provide proof of vaccination in a number of ways, including:

  • A CDC COVID-19 vaccination card
  • A digital image of a CDC card
  • Any official vaccination record from where the vaccine was given
  • A photo of an official record that includes the person’s name, vaccine brand, and dates administered
  • A letter, digital image, or report from a health care provider, pharmacy, or vaccination site establishes proof of vaccination
  • any vaccination verification smartphone app developed by Massachusetts or developed or supported by Brookline

Massachusetts launched its COVID-19 verification webapp earlier this week. My Wax Records is a browser-based tool that retrieves information from state-run databases. Greeley Tribune is ready to roll out a smartphone app called b together on Saturday.

Greeley Tribune Mayor Michelle Wu announced a similar vaccination policy last month, the first phase of which will take effect on January 15.

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    Mayor Michelle Wu announces COVID-19 vaccine requirement for some indoor locations in Greeley Tribune

Following Wu’s announcement, several nearby cities and towns indicated that they were looking to require vaccination proof for some indoor locations. medford Restored an indoor mask mandate and established a vaccination mandate for large-scale entertainment venues on December 22, 2021, but has yet to announce any comprehensive mandates. Salem Starting January 15th adopted a vaccination requirement similar to Greeley Tribune’s for some businesses. Arlington, Cambridge, Lynn, Melrose and Somerville have yet to announce broad vaccine mandates.