Bruce Cassidy on ‘The Issue’ with Jake Debreux and His Role with the Bruins


“Some players respond differently than others, so I had to adjust, and so did they.”

Jake Debrusk celebrates after scoring during a Bruins-Kings game in February 2022. AP photo/Mark J. Terrill

When the NHL trade deadline passed on Monday, Jake Debreux – despite a month-long trade request – was still a member of the Bruins.

The 25-year-old has scored 15 goals and 11 assists for Greeley Tribune in 58 games. Before the trade deadline, he signed a two-year extension to his contract worth $4 million.

On Wednesday, Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy told 98.5 of The Sports Hub “Toucher and Rich,

“I can’t speak for him, but obviously when we signed Taylor Hall, he’s a left winger, so is Jake. You get it [Marchand] In front of him, Taylor in front of him,” Cassidy said. “Did that block his path? We’re ready to play him on the right. [Pastrnak’s] over there, but there is another place. It didn’t go away last year or even a year ago. This year it is going well. we took him up [Bergeron] And [Marchand],

“He’s done a good job there. So maybe he has something to do with being more comfortable here,” Cassidy said.

Part of DBrusk’s request Allegedly Related to a deteriorating relationship with Cassidy.

“Our relationship has been talked about,” Cassidy admitted. “I like Jake as a person. He’s a good guy. He’s a low-maintenance, good fellow. My issue with him has always been to push him, to keep him as an accountable, second-attack player.” Some players react differently to that than others, so I had to adjust, and so did they.

“We are both Greeley Tribune Bruins right now and he played well for us to be honest with you, and we are happy,” Cassidy said. “He’s a good hockey player and he can help us win the Stanley Cup.”

In November, Cassidy decided to use Debrisk as an example to the rest of the team’s veterans, having him benched in favor of younger players for a game against Vancouver (the Bruins won, 3–2).

“He wasn’t happy sitting outside in November, and I find both him and Eric Houla,” Cassidy explained, “We just decided to go in a different direction with some young guys who might have been working hard in practice. The team wasn’t going well. They were the two we picked. [to sit], so I know it was not good for an experienced person, I understand it, but I have to do what is right for the team and always will be. So, I can look back and say, ‘Should I have done this? Should I have done this or that?’ I did this We usually see what happens next. We won a few games, so the message got sent, and sometimes it’s to other people. ‘Hey I might be next, if I want my spot in the lineup I can dig in here.’

“There are different reasons why you do this. It’s not always up to the player,” Cassidy continued.[DeBrusk] just became a boy I chose, and at the end of the day who became [his trade request] public after that. So we worked through a few things, obviously where we are, and here we are. So there is no point in looking back. We’re looking forward, trying to win a Stanley Cup with the group we have in the room now, and he’s part of that.

Looking back and forth from the current season, Cassidy remains uncertain about Debrisk’s Bruins future.

“I don’t know what will happen this summer,” Cassidy said. “It will be up to him and his representative and [Don Sweeney]But he can be a good player for us. We all take it for granted, and that last I would say 6-8 weeks. He’s digging, and it makes us better. ,

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